Day 338: Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet


This first might sound silly to most. I’ve been an independent contractor, otherwise known as a realtor, for 12 years. I do all kinds of techie stuff. I have a home office with files and cubbies and a white board. My smart phone is never far from my grasp. Siri transforms my dictation into texts and emails while I drive and I use multiple apps. And yet, I’ve never done a spreadsheet. Even though this is a relatively low tech tool, I’ve had a mental block about doing one, even though I do all kinds of other tasks on my laptop.

When I’ve needed a spreadsheet, I’d have someone else do one for me. In the past, Greg has been great about trying to explain the mechanics to me. I’d just have him create one instead of taking the time to learn, and think….maybe next time. I needed to create a new spreadsheet today. For the first time, rather than pass that task off, I gathered my resolve and my papers, and learned how.

Spreadsheets are a really great way to organize, analyze and store data. I have an appreciation for them. The cells and rows and columns and making them work out the way I wanted to just seemed overwhelming. There has been a thought I have believed about myself….that I need to be able to do something well, the first time I attempt it. I know I placed a high expectation on myself with that belief. Also, I don’t have a lot of patience with machines and mechanical things if they don’t work the way I want them to. Computers can be my greatest helper…or my greatest frustration. I’m learning to let go of those limiting thoughts, and enjoy the journey, not rush to be finished.

After a few minutes of instruction, I settled in to take my time and transfer data into those blank columns. And you know what? I did it. I took piles of papers with lots of information and turned them into a neat and organized spreadsheet that is now saved on my computer. The process went so well that I created a second spreadsheet and have thoughts of going for a third! I wondered why I’ve waited so long to learn about excel. I’m glad for this year of new experiences which pushes me just a bit, and sometimes quite a lot, to keep learning, keep going beyond what I’m comfortable doing. I’m so pleased with my spreadsheets, I’m giving myself a gold star!

spreadsheet gold star great job