Day 340: This is Studio Bliss

studio bliss exterior

I had heard of this place in Carl Junction, MO, located at 405 E Pennell Street. I also knew that the shop was only open on the first Friday and Saturday of each month and that workshops were held there frequently. With the name containing the word “Bliss”, I was intrigued and looked forward to visiting. Today, after I completed a showing on a property north of Carl Junction, it worked out perfectly to stop by as Studio Bliss was having an Open House.

studio bliss interior 4

What a beautiful, delightful place! I stopped just inside the door of the studio, which is located in an older house. There were so many wonderful items to look at. As I was gazing around, taking it all in, the owner introduced herself and I had the opportunity to chat with her and learn about her business. And the first thing I learned is that the Bliss in the company name comes from owner, Laurie Bliss. Laurie, a joyful, energetic lady, has been creating and selling her goods for more than 25 years. She had a business in Utah, Tattered Treasures, before marrying Mr. Bliss (I love that!) and eventually settling in Missouri. When she opened her studio in Carl Junction, she realized she had the perfect last name to use in naming her new venture.

studio bliss interior 1

The shop has a large variety of hand-made, unique and vintage items. According to the This is Studio Bliss website, the goal has always been to create with things that can’t be duplicated or purchased anywhere else. The workshops offered at the studio are for small groups of 6-8, and they are perfect for girls’ nights out, bridal showers, and birthday parties. Projects are offered for all skill levels and participants are encouraged to bring items with sentimental value to include in the creation of their projects (note: the studio provides all that is needed to create the projects…crafters may bring bits and pieces that have special meaning, from home, if they so desire). Create a little bliss is the perfect tagline for these fun gatherings. Check out the website, at the link below, to see the upcoming schedule for workshops…and sign up!

studio bliss pocket watch pendant

Pocket Watch Pendant can be made in an upcoming workshop

With Laurie’s permission, I wandered around the shop and took pictures. In every room and every nook, on shelves and in beautifully arranged displays using clever containers, hand crafted items drew my eyes and made me smile. This is a lovely place for unique gifts and home décor for the vintage lover and those who appreciate lovingly crafted items. The very atmosphere in the studio sparks creativity and brings joy. I loved the sign in one room that declares: A creation and celebration type place. That sums up This is Studio Bliss well!

studio bliss interior 5 studio bliss interior 3

Today, I picked up a lavender filled sachet with the words, This is Bliss stamped on it. And I purchased small paper doilies to use with Christmas gift packages. I look forward to being a frequent visitor on the weekends the shop is open. And I anticipate attending my first workshop. I’m especially excited about creating a pocket watch pendant, using some items from home. Bliss is, indeed, found here…..and so much more!

studio bliss sign

Visit This is Studio Bliss Website Here


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  1. Hi! My name us Julia Damiano-Moore, and I make handmade note cards. A friend suggested contacting you to see if you would be interested in selling some in your shop.
    Olease contact meto let me know.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    417 483 8053

    1. Hi Julia Im not the owner of Studio Bliss. I did a blog post about her shop. The owner is a very nice woman. I’d suggest catching her at her next open weekend, which is the first weekend of each month. Good luck with your venture!

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