Journey 1: A New Adventure Begins

open door beyond

Well, hello there! Were you wondering what I would be doing today, since I’ve completed my Year of Firsts? About half way through that amazing year, I knew something beautiful was happening. The firsts opened up all kinds of opportunities. And one of the biggest blessings was that a desire I have long held, the intention to write daily, became a reality. I began the blog as a way of being accountable and to have a record of my firsts. I knew my memory would be faulty. The unexpected benefit of blogging was that I developed the habit of writing. Daily.

I don’t want to lose this discipline. I enjoy writing. It became apparent, as my new word and symbol began to materialize, that the adventure wasn’t ending after all….a new one was beginning.

My new symbol for 2015 began appearing first. I shared in last year’s blog that I realized three years ago that my word and symbol for the year choose ME, rather than me choosing them. As I pay attention to what is flowing into my life and mind, as synchronicities arrange themselves and bring my awareness to what is being presented, a pattern appears. Repetition occurs to make sure that I get it. And get it I do. It is an amazing process and one that I watch for now, without trying to make anything happen.

About mid year my symbol started showing up, in my mind, in dreams, in books, on TV, in conversations. I noticed it because of the repetition. When I see something over and over again, in a relatively short time period, I pay attention. The symbol for 2015 is an open door. This symbolizes, for me, an invitation to step through….and go on an adventure! As Bilbo tells Frodo, in The Lord of the Rings, “It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” That quote captures the mystery and the journey aspect of the open door. I’m excited to see where I am swept off to this year.

My word came immediately after. Journey. And as with the symbol, the word began to show up in all kinds of situations. When I am being given these tools for the new year, I ask, “Please confirm this word (or symbol or song) for me.” And always, the confirmation is given. Knowing that I wanted to continuing writing about my experiences, I toyed around with the idea of a daily journey, and changing my blog format from Day 1 to Journey 1, and so on throughout the year. I looked up the word journey. And found my ultimate confirmation. Looking at the word origin I discovered that journey comes from the Old French word journee, which literally means, “a day’s travel”. I almost fell out of my chair. That fit perfectly with my desire to experience a journey and write about it daily! The word journee comes from the Latin word, diumum which means “daily portion”. How absolutely perfect. Daily portion….a day’s travel. I knew I had my word.

The year began to take shape. I was to complete 2014’s daily firsts and then move to a daily journey in 2015. My guides for this journey are curiosity, enchantment and soufulness. I will take the daily journey as directed by the presence of at least one of these three elements. I  picture them as Gandalf the White type figures, walking beside me with their staffs, saying, “Cindy, come this way. You won’t regret it!” I am curious already to see where my journeys take me.

Last of all, as is usually the case, my theme song for the year appeared. This component normally shows up in the month of December. A week or so ago, as I realized I was not yet aware of my song for 2015, I simply asked the Divine, “What is my song for next year?” When I ask, I trust the answer that is given. I had my iPhone next to me and I opened the playlist of songs and hit shuffle. The song My Life, by Pam Rose, immediately began to play. I laughed. I’d forgotten this song was even in my phone. I listened. And listened again. And a third time. By then I was no longer laughing but had tears in my eyes. Yes, of course, the perfect song. I’ve included a YouTube recording below. The opening lyrics are:

I want to know if I walk down a certain road, it was my choice.

                   And I want to know if I had something to say, I raised my voice.                          

I don’t wanna wake up a little too late and say

I could’ve done this or I should’ve done that.

When I close my eyes at night I wanna know I’m doing the best that I can…

I love how these mysteries of the universe all come together in my life. And sure, I have a choice whether I will accept these Divine nudges or pick something else. I choose to embrace what I’m being given. It holds a promise for me, as in, “Your mission, Cindy, if you choose to accept it involves…” I accept, without even knowing yet what it involves. I know as I walk down that certain road, there are adventures ahead and lessons to learn and limitations to bust right through. I am ready for this HUGE journey, made up of 365 daily journeys. Walk with me, for a little while or a long while. It’s going to be good!