Journey 30: Walking My Clients Home

walking each other home beach

I love the quote by Ram Dass that says, “We’re all just walking each other home.” For me that perfectly captures the idea of journeying together through life, sharing in the travels, keeping each other company as we all head toward Home. Capital H. Sometimes I get to walk with someone for a long time. Some, I’ve been walking Home for a lifetime. Sometimes it is a short journey, a brief encounter that nonetheless makes an impact on me and on the traveling companion, and I always hope to encounter that sojourner again further down the road.

And sometimes, because of my current profession, I get to literally walk people home, a new home they have found after we’ve searched together for a while. It might be a first home, a larger home, a smaller home, a country home. Just as often, the walk I take with someone is away from a home as my client finds himself or herself at a crossroads, or experiencing a life changing event. Those journeys as just as crucial and oft times, those are the walks where I hold a hand or offer a shoulder to cry on.

Today, I got to walk alongside several clients, as they completed their walks toward new homes, or began a new journey, leaving a cherished home behind, or in the case of one couple, I accompanied them as they walked away from the home where they raised their family….and then toward the next home that is part of a new adventure. I spent a good portion of my day at title companies, and while there, I had the privilege of watching life unfold in amazing and varied ways. The closing is the time of greatest joy for me as a realtor. I know people think it must be because that’s when I receive a paycheck. The money is nice, and a necessity, but the joy comes from being present while a client gets a brand new key, and another leaves with a check that funds the way to the next part of their journey. There can be a little bit of anxiety or stress present at the closing table, and today was no exception. However, for the most part, people are happy, excited, relieved. I am the quiet observer of their genuine emotions and the smoother of paths if an unexpected bump arises.

I was very mindful today that there is a host of people who walk with me on this journey, with my clients’ best interests in mind. To the lenders who diligently push through mountains of paperwork to provide the funds at closing, to my allies at Keller Williams who oversee the closing process, (especially Melissa, Valerie and Whitney), to the cheerful and self-less closers, receptionists and behind the scenes staff at the title companies…today First American Title and Abbey Title…and to the other hard working realtors (Joni and Stephanie) on the other side of the transactions, I offer my deepest gratitude for all you do to make my job easier. I so appreciate that when there are challenges, you all keep going, so my clients and I can keep going. When there are delays, you smile and put us at ease, so that my clients and I know it will all be okay. You cheer us on, by playing your roles so well.

And to my clients today, I thank you for allowing me the honor of walking this far with you, for sharing your lives with me, and your fears, your dreams, your hopes for the future. I loved watching the laughing young couple with their 5 month old daughter buy their first family home. Their excitement was contagious. I hurt with the couple selling their dream home as their lives chart a course they never dreamed of two years ago. And yet, there is a fresh start now, for both of them. And the ability to fund new dreams, new lives. And I sat quietly with the couple who allowed their home to become new for a family just starting out, packing up 20 years of belongings and memories, laughter and tears. Immediately after that chapter closed, we walked to the door of the house that perfectly fits their needs now. We celebrated the exciting direction their lives are taking.

This was my day, after hours of preparation: smiles, hugs, handshakes, pats on the back, handing over new keys, and silent entreaties of peace, encouragement, strength and joy for all. And  waves and waves of thankfulness for those who made it all happen, stayed late, prepared docs, checked files, sent emails, held a baby who would not sleep so mommy and daddy could sign docs. It’s been a full day, completing a full week. I am spent and oh so content.