Journey 43: Friendship Strengthens the Journey


Tonight I am blogging from a restaurant parking lot, due to problems with the AT&T tower near my home. No internet on phone or computer means I’m in the ridiculous position of driving around, checking my phone for a signal so that I can post.

Of course I could have used the lack of internet as an excuse not to post today and made up for it tomorrow. However, I have written and posted a blog 406 days in a row. I’ve blogged from Scotland, while at the homes of friends and family, late at night and while ill, tired or grieving. No faulty cell phone tower is going to trifle with me! It’s all part of my journey.

The journey earlier today was soulful, and taken while in the company of one of my dearest friends. Garen and I have known each other for 7 years, and met via a business organization. When we sat down together for the first time to get better acquainted, it was if we had always known each other. The connection was immediate and an easy friendship developed that has truly been a blessing to me.

We met for lunch, and our conversation was at times light and fun. Garen has a wicked sense of humor. He also possesses one of the keenest business minds that I’ve encountered and his ability to think creatively and expansively always inspires me.

I chatted about my journey, and my hopes, dreams and intentions for the immediate future, expressing two of my truths: “I am open to everything and attached to nothing.” and “Everything that shows up in my life is an ongoing conversation with the Divine.” I so appreciate Garen’s thoughtful responses and suggestions.

We talked about my desire to write, to teach through my writings, and to travel. He made a profound statement and asked a question, and both will shape my future journey. Garen suggested I look at where those three desires intersect, the writing, the teaching, and the traveling, and at that intersection I will find my purpose and my way of offering to the world. He then shared this powerful question with me, from the book, “Zero to One”, by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters: “What important truth do you know that very few people would agree with you on?”. The answer to that questions reveals my area of teaching, my gift to the world.

I have thought all day about what Garen shared with me. And I have expressed gratitude multiple times for this dear friend. We each make our own way in the world, seeking our own paths, learning from our own experiences on the journey. How beautiful it is when another appears on the path, walking alongside and saying, “I’m headed that way too. Mind if I walk with you for a while?” There’s increased joy and greater energy in a journey that’s shared, and a helping hand when it’s needed, a shoulder to cry on when grief appears, and encouragement through the challenging twists and turns on the path. I am very thankful for this fellow traveler and my sincerest desire is to offer back to him during his journey as well.

As John Lennon sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” I do more than that. I am enriched, encouraged and inspired with a little help from my friends. Thank you Garen, my friend.