Journey 68: The Quest


Curiosity led the way again on today’s journey. I opened YouTube this morning, to look for a music video, and instead, my eye was caught by an Elizabeth Gilbert video in the suggested list. YouTube is smart, knowing from my viewing history what might appeal to me. Liz is my mentor, unbeknown to her! She is farther along on a path that is becoming familiar to me, a guide who beckons me “ONWARD”, as she is fond of saying.

The video was titled, “The Telltale Signs Your Purpose is Calling”. I was intrigued, and allowed curiosity to win out, pulling up the short video to listen to Liz. As is usually the case, I was inspired as she shared with Oprah about how our purpose signals first with a call. We can respond to the call….however, most resist or refuse the call initially. We find lots of excuses for not accepting the call. I can’t, I’m a woman, I’m too old, I’m too young, I don’t know how, etc. The call won’t leave us alone though. It returns. It calls in a louder voice. It sneaks up on us and surprises us as it appears from a different direction.

And then we begin the journey. I sat up a little straighter. There was my word for this year. I knew this was important. This was for me. And then, Liz shared, the road of trials appears. From my own experiences, I know that the bumps in the road, the difficulties, the battles, are not there on the path to defeat me. They are there to help me grow. They are there to help define who I am and what I am meant to do.

For, as Liz concludes, the journey is the quest. And the quest, which is related to the word question, asks “What have I come here to do with my life?” That’s the question that begins every single quest, that guides us on the journey, that returns again and again to be answered. That’s the call. That’s how our purpose calls to us. Answering that question, “What have I come here to do?” gives the answer to what our purpose is.

I have thought about this little video all day, asking myself the same question. I spent time late this afternoon, looking up the word “quest” and the word “question”. They both come from the same Latin root word, “quaerere”, which means, to ask, to seek. To be on a quest is to be on a journey, sometimes a long and arduous journey, seeking, searching for something. A quest is to question, as we journey.

So I’m asking. I’m seeking. I’m on a quest, as I journey. “What have I come here to do? What is my purpose?” I didn’t receive the whole answer today. This is, after all, part of my journey, to discover the answers to these questions as I travel. I know I am on the right path. I know who I am, and at my core, what I am to offer. I am becoming. I am moving into my purpose, answering the call, by continuing to put one foot in front of the other, remaining open. Liz calls out, by sharing her own experiences on the road, “Onward.” I hear that call from the Divine, appearing as signs that guide along the path, “Onward”. I hear it whispered within my own soul, as my heart quickens with anticipation, “Onward.” I don’t know where the path goes, as it disappears around the next bend. I don’t know the hows or see the final destination. I only know I am to keep going, journeying, questing. Yes….onward.

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