Journey 81: Sunday Peace

sunday peace door

On this gorgeous spring day peace, at a soul level, was the theme. I spent part of the day with my mom and sisters, chatting and visiting a local flea market. I just browsed today, not finding anything that caught my heart strongly.

Returning home mid-afternoon, I discovered Greg had been at work on the green door that slides open, allowing passage into the backyard garden. I call this garden gate my Peace Door, for my desire is that all who enter through that door will experience peace and joy as they are surrounded by beauty and whimsy. Greg had a sign made that he attached to the door today: “Peace to all who enter in”. I am so thrilled! I have looked and looked for such a sign to greet visitors to the garden. He had the sign custom made to fit over one of the frosted window panes. It looks amazing and peace floods my soul just reading the blessing.

sunday peace sign

The warm temps and bright sunshine called to me and I remained in the garden, pulling a few early weeds, tidying up beds, inspecting for signs of awakening. I found them. To my delight, signs of life were everywhere in the garden. Green shoots are pushing up through the ground. The ornamental grasses have slender bright green stalks appearing. And the young lemon balm leaves released their citrusy scent as my fingers brushed against them.

sunday peace day lilies

sunday peace german chives

I recently purchased anti-gravity chairs for the brick patio. Last year I searched for them as end of the season clearance items, but orange chairs were all I could find. I passed. Last week, I found the chairs in a light brown color and for $20 less than the clearance chairs! I have been anticipating reclining back in the garden, soaking up sunshine. This afternoon, I did just that. With a garden hat shielding my eyes, I sank back with a deep sigh of contentment, eyes closed, listening to the twittering of birds. The drone of city traffic slipped further and further away and peace settled over me like a bright billowy cloud. What bliss. I foresee many happy and relaxing moments ahead, enjoying the comfort of those chairs.

sunday peace anti gravity chair

sunday peace anti gravity chair 2

I am grateful for Greg’s gift. He not only had a sign made that expressed my desire for the backyard garden, my own Rivendell, but he also spent his afternoon installing it and then checking and maintaining my Peace Door. There truly is a peace that passes all understanding. I choose to experience that peace, no matter what else is going on. I choose to offer that peace, to all I encounter and especially to those who spend time in my garden. “Don’t let people pull you into their storms. Pull them into your peace.” says Kimberly Jones. Join me in my peace. Join me in my garden.

sunday peace

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