Journey 86: Bloom Where I Am


With the arrival, officially, of spring, I have the urge to get my hands dirty, digging and planting in my garden. Very chilly weather and the possibility of a bit more snow is making me bide my time. 

After a long day today, between work and a trip to Arkansas, I bounced between ideas tonight, pondering which journey to take. I gave in to the desire to create and get my hands dirty, allowing soulfulness to guide me. 

One of my favorite ways to unwind is to putter, as I call it, around the house. Decorating a little here. Rearranging a vignette here. I brought gardening indoors, creating two spring vignettes that incorporated fresh tulips that I had purchased yesterday and delicate yellow pansies that I planted in white tea cups. 


The vintage wooden sieve holds, nestled within, a white pitcher filled with pinky orange tulips, an ivy topiary and a white footed bowl containing four speckled eggs. It’s a simple arrangement that looks fresh and pretty. Next to the sieve sits a pair of white porcelain birds and the tea cup turned planter, holding the pansies. 

In the bedroom the vintage suitcase got a make-over, bringing a breath of spring into the room. The tall wire cloche holds more specked eggs in soft natural colors of blue, green and cream. A small milk pitcher balances the cloche while the Tolkien quote print moved in from the porch to rest against the back of the suitcase. A scented white candle and another cup of pansies completed the vignette. 

I made a mess in the kitchen, adding potting soil to tea cups and planting the remainder of the pansies in a blue dragonfly pot that will grace the front porch tomorrow. That’s okay. I got my hands dirty! I smiled as I inhaled the earthy frangrance of the soil. And every time I walk past the dining room table or the vintage suitcase I feel joy surge in my heart. Welcome spring!