Journey 166: Journey Home…But First, Temple University

Today marked the end of my Philadelphia trip. The effects will continue to ripple onward and outward, but the plane took off at 3:45 arcing toward Dallas. Soon I’ll fly north to Joplin. 

On my last morning in Philly, I had the pleasure of accompanying Lu Ann to Temple University, where she assists students in the Communication School. What a gorgeous campus, sprawling over 115 acres. In between calls and tasks we walked a tiny portion of the campus, virtually a ghost town during the summer months, when 37,000+ students are on holiday.

As in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia, a wide range of architectural buildings form the campus. We walked through lanes that offered faculty and students a wide choice of food and drink, and green spaces and beautifully manicured parks. 

Before taking me to the airport, Lu Ann and I shared one more meal together, trying something new. What a great way to conclude our visit!

There are meal wagons that line the streets around the university. We selected The Creperie at Temple, which offers fresh ingredients folded within a warm crepe right off the griddle. We both had the Enzo, stuffed with chicken, avocado and grilled veggies. Oh my goodness this lunch was bliss served in a triangular box. 

What an amazing trip, with a friendship deepened,  new connections made, and a heartfelt call to leap forward in my growth and life. I know it will all unfold perfectly! As I was boarding the plane in Philadelphia, an advertisement flashed on a screen on the wall, “The best thing about a trip to Philly? The return visit!” Sounds great to me. 


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