Journey 210: A Thousand Words

This is a simple post tonight, having just arrived home from the hospital in Arkansas. Things seem to be shifting with Greg’s dad. He slept more today. Seemed more frail. Greg and I have talked so much throughout the day, about life and about death. There’s no fear. Just love and peace and an acceptance that this is a part of the journey we all must take. 

Greg’s cousins came by. Pam from a pretty little Arkansas town nearby. And Linda and her husband Dale from the rich farmlands of Illinois. Bob slept through most of their visit, occasionally stirring enough to say, “Don’t waste your time here. Go rest.” We smiled. And his words held truth for Linda and Dale, who got on the road at the break of dawn this morning. 

It was so good to see these wonderful, supportive family members. I appreciate them, as I know Greg does. They brought love and light into the room. This picture captures the afternoon perfectly. And it truly is worth a thousand words. 

Although the day was hot, there’s a nice breeze stirring in the garden tonight, and a full moon overhead. Greg lit a fire in the fire pit and we are sitting thoughtfully, watching the flames leap and dance. Tomorrow we are back at the hospital. Tonight, we are just being.