Journey 211: Father-in-Law Day

How amazing, as this journey unfolds with Greg’s dad, to discover that today is Father-in-Law Day. Bob Moore has been an important part of my life for 41 years. I’ve really always thought of him as my second dad. 

Bob is one of the most compassionate, caring people that I have ever met. He cherished his wife and his sons and always wanted a daughter. I got to fulfill that role. He not only spoiled his grandchildren…he spoiled me. It has been precious to me these past two years, especially, to sit with Bob and hold his hand, chatting or sitting in comfortable silence. 

He handles life as it unfolds, without drama, complaint or judgment. I’ve learned so much about graciousness and generosity, observing his well lived life and the way he cares for others.  

This week has been no different. As he nears the end of his earthly journey, he continues to express gratitude toward others, even in the midst of pain and frailty and confusion. He is well loved by the medical staff at the hospital. Every nurse, therapist and CNA has been the recipient of his kindness and thanked for every task that they have performed. The doctor called him a sweet, sweet man. 

I truly believed that I was going to say my last good-bye today, ironically on Father-in-Law Day. He crept very near to death early this afternoon. But he surprised us late in the afternoon, with a rally. He became responsive again. He said his I love yous, his thank yous, and his go home and rests. I know his time with us is growing short. I am so grateful for him, for his love, for his life. I love you, Dad Moore.