Journey 219: Guest Blogger Aubrey Moore

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with my youngest grandchild, and only granddaughter, Aubrey. This six year old girl is such a delight to me. She is bright and articulate, curious about the world and open to exploring it. She inspires me and makes me laugh, and brings joy to my heart and often, tears to my eyes.

We had breakfast together at IHOP, walked through Toys R Us so I could note her preferences for birthday presents (her birthday is on Halloween….however it is never too early to plan!), and spent time at my house, watching a DVD and playing, talking and working in my office together. In fact, it was while I was working that she grabbed my digital camera and began to take pictures, which was the inspiration for today’s blog post. My grandson Dayan did a guest blog for me several months ago. Aubrey is sharing her photos today. I look forward to having Joey, Jonathan and Oliver do guest blog posts for me as well, whatever they want to share. I love seeing the world anew through the eyes of my grandchildren.

Aubrey’s Photos:

Aubrey the photographer 009

I love Aubrey’s perspective. She captured my Vision Board, which hangs in a prominent spot in my office, and talked primarily about traveling to “Skinny Scotland” together. Why she calls Scotland Skinny, I don’t know! Aubrey examined my passport and expressed a desire to have one of her own someday, and use it. What an adventure that will be!

Aubrey the photographer 011

Aubrey the photographer 021

One of my vignettes. This granddaughter of mine loves to stage items and decorate, just as I do. When she visits, she enjoys rearranging my shelves and tabletops, and I let her. It is good experience for her, and I like seeing her arrangements.

Aubrey the photographer 025

Aubrey discovered what happens when you take a picture of a brightly lit window…it throws the rest of the picture into shadow. Love her viewpoint.

Aubrey the photographer 003

A “screen shot” of Girl in the Fireplace, a Doctor Who episode from Series Two. Aubrey is the most recent family member to embrace this great BBC series. So far, this is her favorite episode…and happens to be the only one she has watched!

Aubrey the photographer 016  Aubrey the photographer 015

More Doctor Who…Series One and Two DVD sets. She likes the 10th Doctor, on the right.

Aubrey the photographer 031

My favorite Aubrey photo from today. This is Rilynn, aptly named by Aubrey, who gave this friendly cat her own middle name.

I sure enjoyed having this sweet girl with me for part of the day. Our conversations were amazing. Although we watched Doctor Who today, Aubrey and I have not talked about that TV show previously or discussed time travel. And yet, she informed me before we watched Doctor Who together that she wants to travel in time and we talked about whether that is possible or not. She asked me, “Do you know where I would want to travel in time to first?” I made a couple of guesses. All wrong. I asked her where she would go. “To your childhood, Yaya,” she answered. “I want to see you and be with you, when you were a little girl.”

That made me teary eyed. Of all the places and people she could have chosen, she picked me. Aubrey knows I was fearful as a child. Her loving presence would have comforted me. And you know what? Who knows. Perhaps, this precious child has done just that. As she sleeps, as she dreams, maybe she reaches back to a frightened little girl who dreaded nighttime. Just knowing that she would do so, if she could, brings peace and courage to that small girl that still resides within me. Thank you, Aubrey. I love you so  much.

Aubrey the photographer

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