Journey 291: Sunday Night Tiger Football

I got to watch grandson Joey’s final football game of the season late this afternoon. Picking up granddaughter Aubrey, we joined Megan, Oliver and Joey at the Webb City football stadium. The sun was shining and the temps were a bit warmer than yesterday. It was perfect football weather. 

The 4th grade Tiger team has been beset with injuries this year. One of their key players has been out since game 1 and Joey suffered a knee injury as well, which temporarily sidelined him. But this team learned amazing things this year…to overcome adversity, to share in the victories and the defeats, and to step up and shine as they explore their strengths. 

Joey has made several touch downs, in the last couple of games. He was the team player who put  6 points on the board tonight. I’m very proud of his determination and his persistence. It’s not always fun to play when you aren’t winning. But there are so many other truths to learn, about oneself and the team, when you are losing while doing the very best that you can. 


 I enjoyed the game and being outside on this gorgeous fall day. I enjoyed watching Oliver and Aubrey playing in and around the  bleachers with other brothers and sisters of the boys in blue. At these games, there’s a little community of people present, held together by a common bond. It’s always interesting to watch how people interact and respond to what’s going on, on the field. And I enjoyed chatting with Megan, who is very present for her kids, cheering them on, capturing the moments with her camera phone, storing away these treasured times in her heart. 

It’s another finish to another season of football. I’ve watched Joey gain confidence in his abilities and step up as he’s mastered the basics. It’s totally up to him whether he plays football again next summer, or turns his attention elsewhere. Whatever he decides, I’ll be there, along with the rest of his family, cheering him on.