Journey 306: Bringing the Outdoors In

We’ve experienced beautiful weather this fall, with days of warmer than normal temperatures and abundant sunshine. As we’ve moved into November, such days truly are gifts. After work was completed this afternoon, I heeded the siren call of the backyard garden and headed outdoors. 



This area hasn’t had a hard freeze yet, so my garden teems with life, from flowers that are blooming again, to praying mantises sunning themselves. Yet I know cooler temperatures are coming. It was the perfect afternoon to putter in the garden and begin winterizing while enjoying my personal paradise. 


My sister Debbie gifted me with a variety of seeds this summer. I couldn’t resist sowing some in a large metal container. The safflowers are blooming! I’ll transplant the other young plants into pots and move them indoors. I started today with the English Lavender. 

I selected several containers, from among my vast collection, and moved these bright green, healthy lavender plants to their new homes. Their delicate scent clung to my fingers as I worked. I’m bringing these youngsters indoors where they can thrive and grow strong before being transplanted into the herb garden next spring. 


I discovered another reason this week, to bring several of my plants indoors, other than for their survival. According to a post I found on Natural Living Ideas, NASA has done a study on the benefits of being in an environment filled with living plants. Especially plants that purify the air while we sleep and help promote a healthy night’s slumber. The article lists the top twelve plants to keep in the bedroom. Number two on the list is lavender. Research shows that the scent of lavender slows down heart rate, and lowers blood pressure and levels of stress.  

I’ll nurture these plants and place a couple of containers of lavender in my bedroom, where they can nurture me in return. I wish now I had started more seeds. I’m learning. Each season, I learn more, adapt, create. That’s my journey, captured in my gardening experiences. In a few days, I’ll pot young Scottish thistle plants and try bringing them indoors for the winter. I have no idea what they will do. That’s the fun part of learning! 


If you’d like to see the entire list of plants that aid sleeping, click HERE