Journey 342: Casting a Vision

I did a fun exercise in The Artist’s Way that explored possibilities. The assignment was to collect images that represent items in lists that I made. This is absolutely perfect for me, this time of year. As 2015 is winding down, I’m taking time in December to reflect on my past journey, enjoy the Christmas season and think about 2016 and its theme and symbol. I make a Vision Board every January. The images I am collecting now will be incorporated into my new  2016 Vision Board. 

Here are the categories from the assignment and the images I selected that I’ll print out and use next month. The idea is to fill in the lists quickly without overthinking. 

List five desires:

1. Live part of the year in Edinburgh, Scotland 


2. Travel

3. Express creativity in art, writing, gardening and decorating 


4. Be a full time writer

5. Take a cooking class


If I was 20 and had money…five things I would do:

1. Travel the world

2. Invest to create sustaining wealth


3. Buy land

4. Build my ideal home


5. Invest in others

When I am 65 and have money…five things I will do:

1. Explore the world 


2. Buy a cottage in Edinburgh, Scotland

3. Create Rivendell of the Ozarks


4. Invest in my family


5. Invest in others


This was a valuable exercise for me. I noticed, for example, that travel made all three lists. As my children have grown up and now have lives of their own, travel has become increasingly attractive to me. Expressing my creativity, in a multitude of ways, made the list. Investing in my family and others is important. 

Scotland is dear to me and I feel the tug to “return home” to Edinburgh. I’d love to have a house or flat there where I could stay a month at a time, several times a year. And the land, creating Rivendell and investing in others is all connected. To offer a protected place where people can rest, reconnect with their hearts and leave feeling refreshed has long been a dream of mine. See the video at the end of the blog post for a movie I made several years ago about seeing my dream birthed into reality. 

I’m excited to use these images as the basis for my 2016 Vision Board. I love connecting with my desires, seeing them as possibilities, and then releasing them as intentions into the universe, and into the hands of God. I can let go of the outcomes and watch as the Divine sets all of time and space into motion to meet me in my longings, in the way that is best for me. I’m so grateful for the year I’ve had. Bring on 2016!


Check out my Rivendell Movie!  

Journey 341: Tis the Season

It’s been a busy day and an even busier evening. In between taking care of people, I continued decorating the house for Christmas. I love expressing my creativity this way. I’m not finished yet, but it will all get done. I needed a simple blog post tonight, as midnight is quickly approaching. 

Here is Christmas as it is appearing throughout the house. 


My little Norfolk pine in the bedroom gets decked out for Christmas. Love the new little colored lights this year. 


The vintage suitcase switched over to Christmas. The Merry Christmas postcard featuring Bob & Leta Moore is 71 years old!  


Santa mug collection.  
Vignette in my great aunt Roxie’s little red footstool, that I flipped upside down. 



Although my main tree is real, I’m scattering little artificial trees throughout the house this year. This one found a spot on a vintage chair. 


I swapped out a few items on the entry table to transition it to Christmas. 


The main tree, in process. I’ll finish it tomorrow as I have time. 


The two new ornaments for this year. The acorn, reminding me of my adventures during 2015, and those who accompanied me and those that I lost. 

And I made the cluster of hearts from the beautiful little ornaments that I purchased last month. I love the colors. 

This is what I love to do each evening before bed. Turn off the room lights and sit looking at the Christmas tree. Peace and joy fill me. It’s after midnight. I should get to bed. I have much to accomplish later today and more decorating to do. But for just a few moments more, this is where I want to be.