Journey 344: Making Christmas Wishes Come True

Many kids hope to find bikes or electronics or a new My Little Pony under the tree on Christmas morning. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. This is a beautiful and magical time of year, where wishes can and do come true. 

Within the past 24 hours, I discovered the heart-warming stories of two children, both eight years old, who have a much more simple wish…to receive as many Christmas cards as possible, to brighten their lives. 


Meet Jack Weaver, from Indiana. Born with a rare genetic disorder called Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, Jack has a host of medical conditions as a result, including seizures. That doesn’t stop him from dancing and singing, two activities he loves. According to his mom, who was interviewed recently by Fox 59 WXIN, the last few months have been tough for Jack. All he wants for Christmas are enough holiday cards to cover his bedroom wall. That would bring hope and cheer to him on his darkest days. 

I picked out a Frozen card for Jack featuring that lovable snowman, Olaf. If you’d like to encourage this extraordinary young man, you can drop him a card. 
Jack Weaver   

1389 W. 86th St #151

Indianapolis, IN 46260


And this is Sa’frye Terry, from New York. Two years ago her house burned, in a suspicious fire. Sa’frye lost her family. She survived but suffered severe burns over 75% of her body, losing her right hand and left foot. Sa’frye’s aunt bought the precious little girl a special tree, designed to hold Christmas cards. Sa’frye’s wish is to receive cards from all over the world, to cover her tree, and brighten her days. 


For Sa’frye I purchased a snowman card, sprinkled with white glitter. The inside reads, “You happy up the world, just by being you.” You too can show love to this sweet girl by mailing a card to:

Sa’frye Terry

PO Box 6126

Schenectady, NY 12306


I love kids. They have such big hearts, such fresh and imaginative perspectives of the world. I am grateful that I found Jack and Sa’frye. They are sincere and courageous souls on challenging journeys. What beautiful and inspiring children. It is a joy to help make their wishes come true.