Journey 345: Dinner & Christmas Shopping with Aubrey

This evening was the second outing with a grandchild to purchase Christmas gifts for family members. It was Aubrey’s turn. When I picked her up from school and told her the plan, she was so excited about the prospect of shopping for others that she decided to get right to selecting gifts, and eat dinner afterward. That’s a big deal, as this child is usually starving after school. 


Time out for a small prize, after selecting great gifts for her brothers at Toys R Us. 

Showing off her backpack tag that says “Hope”, as we enter Target to shop. I let the kids make selections based on what they want to surprise their family with. They each have an amount that they can spend and they do an amazing job picking out gifts. 

Hamming it up with a storm trooper. 


Aubrey chose Golden Corral for dinner. She loves this buffet style restaurant. We talked about school, Christmas and family. She saw a couple of older gentlemen that she knew, friends of her great-grandfather’s. We walked over to say hello.  Walking back to our table, our conversation went like this:

Aubrey: That’s crazy! I’ve seen those guys three times recently. 

Me: What do you think that means, that you keep running into them? (I was thinking about synchronicity and a connection to her great-grandfather, who has passed.)

Aubrey: I think they are stalking me! 

This girl, she makes me laugh. She also warms my heart. Aubrey always has me leave a note to our servers, in restaurants, with the tip. 


We had a fun evening, Aubrey and I. After dinner we wrapped gifts at my house before making gift deliveries and saying goodnight. She kept up a continual conversation that both amused me and surprised me, because of her perceptive insights. 

Three grandkids yet to take shopping. It’s Joey’s turn Sunday evening. I am blessed with these grandchildren, and enjoy spending time with them. We are creating memories.