Journey 348: Coloring & Eggnog

The perfect end to today, snug inside against the chilly night air, was to sample the season’s first eggnog, while enjoying one of my favorite activities for relaxing. Coloring. Dressed in comfy pjs, the Christmas tree lit up with white twinkling lights, I felt warmed and joyful, a great precursor to sleep. 


I tried the adult version of eggnog last year, for the first time. My mom used to fix the nonalcoholic kind when I was a child, but I had not had any type of eggnog for years. For this drink, I buy nonalcoholic eggnog and add a splash of spiced rum, and a sprinkle each of nutmeg and cinnamon. Delicious, and perfect for a wintry evening. 

I researched the drink and found that it originated in Europe in the 14th century. It was first called posset and was a hot drink made from curdled milk and ale or wine. Eggs were introduced to the drink some time later. After America was colonized, the drink morphed into one that contained the original recipe plus grogg, which is a mixture of beer and water or rum and water. Served in a small wooden mug called a noggin, the drink was called “egg and grogg in a noggin”. Thankfully, this was shortened to eggnog. 


As I sipped my eggnog, I colored on a Christmas print created by artist Johanna Basford. Johanna’s coloring book, Secret Garden, launched the coloring craze about a year and a half ago. She has since released two more books, Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean. I have all three books and love her detailed pictures. 

I’m in a coloring book group on Facebook that Johanna is also a member of, and part of her Facebook group. During #GivingTuesday I learned of Mary’s Meals through her page and contributed to this worthy organization with the mission of feeding hungry children around the world. Later, Johanna offered four beautifully done Christmas prints to color, to those who made a donation. That was very kind of her! 

After a time of coloring, and a cup of eggnog, it’s going to be an early turn in for me tonight. But it won’t be my last evening for enjoying either. I found a recipe online for making eggnog from scratch, supposedly George Washington’s concoction. December 24 is National Eggnog Day. I think I’ll give it a try! 


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