Journey 361: I Am a Precious Treasure

The rains continued today, after heavy downpours yesterday and overnight. With the excessive precipitation, area rivers and streams quickly over ran their banks, creating widespread flooding. It was a good day to remain indoors, and not just to avoid getting soaked. The Joplin Police Department asked citizens to remain at home and off of streets, to limit accidents and the risk of cars being swept off road by torrents of rushing waters. 

I chose to stay at home today, effectively creating Pajama Day 2! During the busy days preceding Christmas, I temporarily stopped working through The Artist’s Way book. Today I began the Morning Pages again, three pages of free writing, looked through past assignments, and read the next chapter. 

I had a wonderful afternoon catching up and completing all unfinished tasks. Using Google, I found more images to save that will go onto my vision board for 2016. As I am growing and shifting, my vision board is shifting too. I look forward to bringing this source of inspiration together for the new year. 

The process of looking for images that are in alignment with my desires brings clarity. I realized the board quit being a collection of goals for the year and has evolved into being a representation of who I am, at this moment in my journey. It is a yearly snapshot that captures me as adequately, or perhaps more so, than a photograph. 

After I had collected images for my board, that I will print out later, I had one more task left undone. The assignment was to create a piece, by way of calligraphy, drawing or printing, that contained the sentence, “I am treating myself like a precious treasure.” 

I understand the significance of seeing myself as a treasure, and treating myself that way. As I display one of my vintage pieces, and I could certainly be called vintage, I handle it carefully, but without fear, appreciating its beauty, creating interesting vignettes, finding new ways to work with the piece while honoring still the purpose for which it was created. 

The same truths apply to me. I want to care for myself…physically, spiritually, emotionally…without fear, without envisioning a negative outcome for myself as I continue to journey. I am appreciating who I am, who I am becoming, honoring my past journey, for every moment has led to this one, while being open to growth and new ways of looking at the world and at life. I see the beauty of my heart and soul. 

I created a design with the words written on a piece of paper. A single rose bud that I drew and then colored adorns the corner. I like the simplicity of it. I may color in the background, or leave it as it is. After I frame it, I’ll hang the saying in my studio as a reminder of my willingness to recognize my value. And accepting and seeing my own value allows me to more readily see and accept the value of others.  I see me, and treasure what I see. I am able to see you, and treasure what I see as well. 


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