Surrender 86: First Fire of the Season Day

Thanks to my friend Mark, who is having a year of firsts, I became aware that today is National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. How fun is that? 


Although tomorrow there is a 100% chance of rain, today the weather was perfect…warm and bright and not windy. I declared today First Fire of the Season Day, and stoked up the fire pit in the backyard.  

I used my childhood Camp Fire Girl training to start a fire. After a couple of sessions of cleaning up in the backyard, I have a ready supply of kindling. The dry ornamental grass stalks caught fire immediately, and they smell wonderful as they burn. 


Small branches were added next. Greg has graciously stockpiled branches and tree trunks that he’s cut to size, so that there is ample fuel for fires. This afternoon he cleverly fashioned a firewood holder out of a wooden pallet, cut in two, and 2x4s. 


What a beautiful way to celebrate my own holiday. There is something magical, and mystical, about staring into a crackling fire. As darkness gathered, the first fire of the season was a merry promise of many more fires to come throughout the year. 

Truthfully, I could have created several holidays today. Meet with Intuitive Friends Day or Weed Your Mother’s Garden Day or Weed Your Own Garden Day, all would have been appropriate for this joy filled Saturday. 

I realized that every day is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. The day is what I make it to be. Each day is a reflection of how I choose to honor the time given to me, or how I choose to disregard it. This day radiated warmth and light. This was First Fire of the Season Day.