Surrender 98: World Health Day

I love it when events connect without me arranging them. I ate the last prepped meal for lunch today, signaling the need for another afternoon session of meal planning, grocery shopping and preparing food. 

Today happens to be World Health Day, with a theme of Beat Diabetes. What a great opportunity, as I spent time preparing healthy meals for Week Three, to learn more about how what I am doing to increase my level of health combats diseases such as diabetes. 

The World Health Organization launched World Health Day in 1950, choosing April 7 as the yearly date to bring awareness to a subject of major health importance. Events are held around the globe. 

Preventing and beating diabetes is this year’s focus. This disease, which is preventable and treatable, is on the rise. Simple lifestyle shifts are effective in preventing diabetes. These include maintaining a normal weight, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet. 

I’m delighted that the shifts I’ve made not only contribute to my overall well being but help to prevent diseases such as diabetes. The past two weeks I’ve followed a daily routine that includes hot lemon water followed by celery juice in the mornings, then a healthy already prepped lunch. I finish up the day with a dinner that was prepped before hand and focuses on whole foods. 

This week’s prepped dinners include:

White Chicken Chili, bagged and chilling, is in the freezer. I can pop it into the slow cooker and add chicken broth for a simple delicious meal. 

Also prepped and in the freezer is Honey Garlic Chicken, the most frequently pinned recipe on Pinterest. When it’s time to complete this meal, it will go into the slow cooker with fresh carrots, organic green beans and tiny red potatoes, which I have on hand. 


Western Beef Casserole was prepared first today and simmered in the slow cooker while I completed the assembly of the rest of this week’s meals. It’s a hearty combination of lean beef, onions, kidney beans and corn. 

Lunches this week will consist of Chicken Walnut Salad or Chopped Egg Salad, on beds of Romaine Lettuce. I have tuna in the cupboard should I need it. 
I’m encouraged by the results I’m experiencing from the changes I’ve made. I feel better than I have felt in quite some time. The celery juice, supported by a no sugar, no gluten, limited dairy diet, has eliminated aches and pains, including the sciatica I’ve been experiencing. People are commenting on the absence of a cane and lack of a limp as I walk. 

My hair and skin look healthy, my digestive system is no longer sluggish and my body feels balanced and lighter. I have high energy during the day and sleep deeply at night. And I love how prepping a week’s worth of meals is saving me time, money and energy. 

World Health Day…preventing and beating diabetes…caring for myself by preparing and eating wholesome nutritious foods. I’ve got this! 


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