Surrender 136: Emma’s Merry Birthday Party

I’ve participated in a Christmas in July celebration, where a traditional Christmas dinner is served and the atmosphere is festive, despite the sizzling summer temps. However, today was my first time to experience a Christmas themed birthday party, in May. I had the pleasure of accompanying Aubrey to this fun and unique party, the creative idea of Emma Reynolds, age seven. 

Emma and Aubrey share more than the same number of years. These little sweethearts are connected by a common family member, Dayan. He is Emma’s older half-brother, and Aubrey’s cousin. The girls have had opportunities over the years to play together and attend the same events. What fun to receive an invitation to a birthday party that not only had a jolly theme, but specifically, focused on a holiday favorite, the Christmas Elf. 

After all the attendees arrived and had a time of free play, the fun activities began. Emma’s mom, Kim, is wonderfully creative, and took great care in manifesting her daughter’s birthday wish. With the help of Emma’s dad Kevin, and big brother Dayan, the living room was transformed into an elf workshop. Each child received build-an-elf materials, so that he or she could create a keepsake to take home. 

Emma, the birthday girl. 

With a little help from Kevin and Kim, the kids had fun stuffing their elves. Christmas is a magical time. Each elf received a golden star to tuck inside and a sprinkling of magic dust. Bright green coats completed the elves attire, and then each child received an adoption certificate with his or her name on it and the name selected for the elf. I believe Emma named hers Chippie, while Aubrey selected the name Blue. This was a great activity that the children enjoyed immensely. 

The group gathered for a photo in front of the Ho, Ho, Ho backdrop…using cardboard props…

…and then it was time for sweet treats. Kim is not only an incredible party planner, she is a great cook too! Desserts included homemade cupcakes, “reindeer” chow and sugar cookies, plus tiny M&Ms and store bought Elf sandwich cookies. From the North Pole came a special delivery of Frosty root beers.  

The kids and adults sang Happy Birthday as Emma blew out a candle shaped like the number 7, perched atop her cupcake. 

In front of the fireplace, two small chairs awaited. Emma sat in one to open presents, inviting each child to join her by sitting in the second chair while she unwrapped her gift. What a great way to keep straight who gave which gift, and to honor both the giver and the receiver. Emma was enthusiastic in her response as each present was revealed, and gracious in her thanks. 

The party concluded with an interesting twist on a familiar game. As Christmas music played, the kids passed around a wrapped package. When the music stopped, whoever was holding the gift tore away a layer of paper. Amid much giggling and squeals, layer after layer was removed from the box. And inside the first box, was another wrapped box! The kids loved this game and it was entertaining to watch. At last the smaller box was opened to reveal Elf party bags to take home. 

Merry Birthday parties featuring the Christmas Elf are fun, I discovered today! Emma is an imaginative little girl to have dreamed up such a unique theme. And her parents did a wonderful job creating the decorations and activities. She is blessed with parents and an older and younger brother who adore her. 

Emma is a bright and beautiful girl, full of life and charm, with a healthy sprinkling of feisty independence. I look forward to watching her journey as she grows up! Merry Birthday, Emma!