Red Nose Day

I missed the launch of this special event last year. Sponsored by Walgreens, Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to helping children and having fun. Proceeds benefit kids and young people in the US and some of the poorest communities in the world.

Walgreens sells red rubber noses, as symbols of fun. The money is donated to the organization and the bright cherry nose can be worn to both show support and engage the playful side. 

I purchased my nose a month or more ago, and looked forward to wearing it today. I also researched the organization. Donations start at $1. That dollar feeds one child in a homeless shelter. $7 purchases books and supplies to help kids stay up on their reading skills over the summer. $15 will keep a child safe and off the streets for a week. 

Learn more and make a donation HERE

Tonight celebrities have gathered for a live 2 hour special event, providing entertainment and encouraging donations. When I last checked in, more than $3 million dollars had been raised. Imagine what can be accomplished for children around the world with that amount. 

I showed property early this morning, and when I returned home, I saw my nose on the dining room table. I’d forgotten it! As I worked in my home office, I happily wore the red nose. I cracked myself up, every time I caught my image reflected back to me from the computer screen. 

Greg sported his own red nose this afternoon. What fun we had surprising daughter Adriel and her fiancĂ© Nate with our noses in place when we met them late this afternoon. I caught Greg in a pensive pose staring out a window, the bright red nose an interesting counterpoint to his thoughtful expression. 

This was a fun event. Red Nose Day allowed my silly side freedom to play. And as I joined thousands of other red nose wearers across the US and the UK, it thrilled me to know that together, we are making a difference in the lives of many, many children. 

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

I might add, that you can also shake the world in a fun way.