Dream Destination Italy

My week began in a promising way, with another activity drawn from my glass pitcher. I felt excited as my fingers closed around a random slip of paper. Curiosity about what I would select fueled my anticipation. 

I drew this arrow of desire:

Read about Italy

“Oh, this is a good one,” I exclaimed aloud, as if someone other than me came up with these creative actions. It was a good one though, and a welcomed activity on this busy Monday. 

This afternoon, in between putting a house under contract and starting the listing process on another one, I sipped iced tea while reading in An Italian Journey by James Ernest Shaw. This is not a book containing facts about Italy, it is a memoir, detailing the seven weeks that James spent living, working, and dining with Italian families during the olive harvest. Captivated by the words of EM Forster, “Love and understand the Italians, for the people are more marvelous than the land.”, James embarked on just such a journey through Tuscany, getting to know the people of Italy. I am inspired by James’ adventure. 

I’m reminded too, of another quote:

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” 

My heart is leading me to Italy as well. Arrival time…summer of 2017. I didn’t select this country on a whim. I’m going because my grandson Dayan chose Italy as his dream destination when he was 13 years old. My dream became making this trip a reality for him. The summer after his 18th birthday, and graduation from high school, will be the perfect time to set off on a real life adventure of Dayan and Yaya. 

Four years ago we made Italy vision boards together. We’ve discussed intended destinations such as Rome, Pompeii, and Venice, and wondered what real Italian food will taste like. And what about the wine? The people? The language?  Dayan’s mom, who is my daughter Elissa, created a Pinterest Board with me, to keep track of ideas. Elissa and possibly a couple of other family members plan to travel with us. 

Today, reading about Italy in my book and in several saved pins on Pinterest put actions with the vivid travel dream that we hold. I was casting the vision ahead, so that the path unfolds to meet us as we journey toward it, guiding us, transporting us into the flow that will ultimately deposit us in that beautiful far away country. 

This was the intended target that my arrow of desire found…taking actions, as I cast visions. 

I’m excited about this trip and experiencing places such as Tuscany that I’ve only read about. But what I anticipate most is watching Dayan as he experiences Italy. My grandson thinks in big ways and posseses a world mindset. I look forward to journeying through Italy, at his side, seeing this country through his bright eyes, and being present as he takes his first steps toward a lifetime of traveling the globe. 

For when we return home next summer, this young man will turn his focus toward college and beyond. My gift to him will be more than a dream trip to the country he chose. It will be the awareness and certainty that dreams do come true. We get to create them. And live in them. And cast visions into a future that immediately begins to arrange itself to meet us. He will go far, this boy, with such gifts. 

First stop, Italy. 

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