Going Where My Heart Will Take Me

I’ve been looking forward to drawing today’s creative action. Sunday was the perfect day for some concentrated effort on behalf of one of my dreams, as it is my me time, my heart, soul, mind and body care day. 

I drew:

Plan a 2 week trip to Scotland. 

I visited Scotland for the first time in August 2014. I loved the ten days that I spent there with my cousins, Mindy and William, exploring Glasgow, Edinburgh, the Highlands and our ancestral village Lauder, in the Borders. Even though I had never been in that beautiful country before, I felt like I came home. I cherished every moment, and as soon as our plane lifted into the air from Edinburgh Airport, I began thinking about going back. 

What fun then this afternoon, after a morning spent in the garden, to do more than just think about my return trip to Scotland. I spent several hours planning my trip. Ten days was a great start in getting to know the land of my ancestors.  We’ve been properly introduced, Scotland and I. Now I want to learn more, and deepen the connection. I want to see places that there just wasn’t time for on my first trip.  

Edinburgh will be my home base on this second trip. Scotland is a small enough country that I can take day trips to anywhere from this centrally located city. And I do love Edinburgh. Although I expected to be drawn to the Borders, where my clan resides, it was this ancient city with the fortified castle perched high above it that captivated me. I have never had such a strong attraction to any other location. I am haunted by Edinburgh. 

The first item on my planning list was locating budget friendly extended stay facilities in the heart of the city. My favorite find was a self catering apartment on Blackfriars Street, just off the Royal Mile, that leases for a week at a time. It is perfect for my needs. 

Places on my itinerary that I missed before include the Writer’s Museum, pictured above, the Royal Botanical Gardens, The Elephant House (the pub where JK Rowling wrote much of Harry Potter), and Dean’s Village, pictured below. I intend to have afternoon tea at The Palm Court at Balmoral Hotel, stroll through the Princes Street Gardens and enjoy fine Scottish fare at The Gardener’s Cottage and the Scran and Scallie Public House. And I’ll revisit favorite sites such as Edinburgh Castle, and walk the Royal Mile. 

During my day trips, which could occasionally turn into overnight visits, I’ll see the huge, magnificent Kelpies for the first time, shown in their glory above, go off the mainland to the Isle of Skye, and dance among the mysterious  Callanish Standing Stones. Sterling and Eilan Donan Castles are on my must see list, as are the towns of Inverness and Pitlochry. 

And I will venture into the Borders again. I look forward to another long, leisurely tour of Thirlestane Castle, eager to see how the renovations are going. And I know we missed parts of the quaint village of Lauder. I intend to see it all. 

I loved planning my trip today. To move from longing to go back to making detailed plans brought me great joy. Putting actions with my thoughts sends out a strong signal that I’m making ready. I know that the Divine comes to meet me as I move forward, arranging everything once I release the outcome and settle into the flow of life while staying open. 

As I looked up information and scribbled notes this afternoon, I heard in my heart these whispered words, “Get really specific with your desires…” I was ever so happy to comply. 

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