National Strawberry Sundae Day

Sometimes, a simple celebration in the middle of long summer day creates the perfect break. Today was such a day. I haven’t checked the daily holiday website for a while. Doing so, I was delighted to learn that among other unusual holidays, today is National Strawberry Sundae Day. It is also National Chocolate Day. However, fruit sounded lighter and cooler on a hot sticky day. I opted to go with strawberries! 

For cold treats, Andy’s Frozen Custard, located on south Range Line in Joplin, is one of my favorite stops. The restaurant has a seasonal strawberry treat that came to mind, for celebrating today’s yummy holiday. The sundae features Grandma Elaine’s shortbread topped with vanilla frozen custard and sliced strawberries. It was cold and delicious without being too heavy. 

Looking up National Strawberry Sundae Day, I couldn’t find the origins for the holiday. However, strawberries definitely symbolize summertime for me. Pausing in my day for a cold delicious treat didn’t require explanations or historical evidence. I just went with it. That’s the way I like to roll! 

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