2 Friends & Junk Show JoplinĀ 

I was very excited today to kick off the weekend by attending the 2 Friends & Junk Show in Joplin. This is always a fun event, with booths full of repurposed items, crafts, vintage finds and junk. It’s been 18 months since I last attended a Joplin show. When 2 Friends & Junk was here last spring, I couldn’t even get in the door, the line was so long. My daughters and I purchased VIP passes this time, which allowed us to enter early this morning, ahead of the crowds. 

The tickets were worth the purchase price. It is extremely inspiring to me, to wander through the booths. The vendors do a great job merchandising product and I get fresh ideas just looking around. My creativity fires up. 

Adriel and I had specific items we were looking for, while Elissa wanted something to grab her attention with the “wow” factor. One of the pieces I was searching for was an old fashioned edison bulb type light fixture. My next year is already coming together, with a theme and symbols. This light bulb is part of the unfolding. One of the ways confirmation is given to me, concerning my new journey, is by way of repetition. I wanted to find a light bulb fixture, and I expressed the desire to do so. 

The first booth that caught my eye provided an immediate response. There were the light bulb fixtures! Pheona’s Vintage Market was my favorite vendor today. I returned to it over and over. All of my purchases came from this attractively set up booth. And Adriel made her purchases from there as well. 

It was a well set up floor. The girls and I enjoyed wandering around, exclaiming over items or discussing what one could do with an interesting piece. The wrist bands gain admittance to the show tomorrow too. We will go back, to see what new items have appeared, as vendors restock tonight. I saw several other pieces that I would like to purchase. I’ll see where inspiration leads on Saturday. 

Tonight I am thrilled with my finds. The light fixture will go in my studio. The two wire cloches are going to become part of my fall decor. I’ll share more about that idea later. My favorite piece from today is a small framed quote, that I had not seen or heard before. 

It perfectly captures where I am on my journey. And foreshadows what’s to come in 2017. What a beautiful and encouraging confirmation that I am on the right path.