Journeying Along the Pig Trail in Arkansas

This Saturday it was too gorgeous outside to stay at home. Greg invited me to check out a part of Arkansas that I’ve never visited before. I made smoothies to go, and packed healthy snacks in a bag. It was time for a road trip!

Greg is planning for an upcoming motorcycle trip that will take him south through the state of Arkansas. He wanted to check out various camping sites near Fayetteville, AR, along the scenic highway known as the Pig Trail. 

Named thus because of the proximity of the University of Arkansas, whose mascot is the razorback hog, this 19 mile stretch of highway is known as a shortcut for razorback fans, and as one of the best rides for motorcyclists in the state. The Pig Trail offers it all as it winds through the Ozark National Forest: zig zags, switchbacks, tree covered roads in the valleys and spectacular views from mountain tops. 

Not only is the Pig Trail pretty to navigate, it has historical value as well. The road was used by both Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. We stopped atop a mountain to look out over the deep valley below. The Boston Mountains rose in the distance. Heavy forests line the ridges and cover the slopes of the hills. I could imagine the challenge of moving through the area, carving out this road. Below, the thick canopy of trees could conceal anything. I wondered who had hidden in the darkness beneath the trees, 150 years ago. 

Greg found two possible campsites in the area, one high on a mountain, and another in the valley, along Mulberry River. There is a little store across the street from that campground. It is a popular stopping spot for bikers, as we observed today. The shop sells T-shirts and jacket patches, proof that the biker has ridden the Pig Trail. 

And he scratched one campground off of his list. The remote, and heavily wooded, park had a dark vibe that came from something more than the shadowy camping sites beneath the trees. The movie Deliverance came to mind! We didn’t linger there, and I was glad to leave it behind. 

The day was a success. Greg got a feel for the road and what was available in the area. I got to get out of town for the day, and enjoy beautiful scenery along the Pig Trail,  under brilliant blue skies. The trees were just beginning to hint that fall is coming. However, the wild grasses growing along the highways and spreading across fields and meadows brazenly announced that a change in seasons is imminent. I loved watching the grass tassels waving in the breeze as we drove by. And I’m ready. Come on, autumn. 

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