I am almost two months into a healing journey that has shifted me to a plant based diet. I’ve eliminated sugar, meat, eggs, soy, gluten and dairy products and focus instead on fresh fruits and vegetables, raw and cooked, brown rice, cashews and legumes. 

One question that I’m frequently asked is if I crave anything. The answer has been no, until today. I wasn’t surprised that a craving arose. What surprised me was what I craved. 

I looked up the word crave. It means to “to feel a powerful desire for something”. The word originated from the Danish word kraeve and eventually morphed into the Old English word crafian, with the meaning to demand, to claim as a right. 

I am familiar with cravings. And just as familiar with giving into them. In the past, I have suddenly wanted a frozen custard, from Andy’s. I often rewarded myself for some good deed, such as cleaning the whole house, or scratching an unpleasant item off of my to-do list. But most of the time, I was sideswiped by a longing for some treat that wasn’t good for me. Cravings only seem to intensify, when I attempt to ignore them. I never held out for long. 

Today’s craving snuck up on me while I was hosting an open house, and thinking about a much needed trip to the grocery store, planned for afterward. It was the first powerful desire for a food that I’ve had in two months. 

What made my mouth water, what appealed strongly to my appetite, was the thought of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. Seriously. I was shocked at how intensely I craved a crisp, juicy apple and a bowl of freshly stir fried veggies. Shocked because although I’ve been eating very healthy, nutrient rich foods, and enjoying them, I would have expected my craving to be for a sugary treat. 

I am thrilled that my body demanded, as its right, food that is good for me, food that nourishes me at a deep level. It feels like I’ve crossed a bridge, over dangerous terrain, that I won’t be looking back toward. 

This was a craving I was happy to indulge. I created a beautiful stir fry for dinner, using onions, garlic, carrots, celery, green pepper, zucchini and for the first time, a golden potato. I added brown rice and a chopped garden tomato, and fully gave in to my craving. 

For a snack later, I’ll munch on a crisp apple.

I satisfied the craving. My body thanks me for listening. 

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