Entry Table Goes Fall

While potato wedges roasted in the oven tonight, I had just enough time to switch my little entry table from summer to fall. Sticking with my desire to change up the decor, I didn’t even look at what I created here last year. I cleared the tabletop and bottom shelf, and freed my creativity to play. 

A vintage double globe lamp came to mind for the tabletop. This piece is from the home of Greg’s parents. Unfortunately, I know nothing about how old it is or when Bob and Leta acquired it. Greg knew it had been in their home for years. The light brown designs on the white glass globes look fallish to me. It became the centerpiece that I built the vignette around. 

I was nervous handling the lamp. A similiar, older double globe lamp from Greg’s parents was destroyed when the tornado struck in 2011. Debris crashing through a window broke the globes. I was sad about that loss. And yet, here is another to grace my home. I prefer to display these treasures and enjoy using them, rather than storing them safely away because I’m afraid of losing them. 

Completing the top level is a stack of mini pumpkins inside a tall wire cloche, and a spicy scented candle atop a couple of small books, chosen for the colors of their covers. A beautiful shawl in autumnal hues defines the tabletop vignette. My mom brought the shawl to me from one of her trips abroad. 

Mixing up the bottom shelf, the focal point is a signed print from my friend, Carthage artist Alice Lynn Greenwood. I love the Rumi quote and her beautiful artistic design. The colors make it ideal for a fall vignette. The framed print came off my bedroom wall, where it normally hangs, to rest on a dark wooden easel. 

Also new to the bottom shelf is a tea light holder adorned with a leaf cutout, a small plaid pillow with the word Blessings on it, and a rustic cone resting within a rusty base. The metal cone is full of pumpkin-shaped seed pods, scented with cinnamon oil. I bought that  interesting little piece at the 2 Friends & Junk show recently. 

Just as I lit the candles in preparation for taking pics, the kitchen timer dinged, announcing that dinner was ready. What perfect timing. And what a festive and welcoming little entry table. 

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