Happy Birthday Aubrey

Today is Halloween…a big, festive holiday in the US, and in my family…and it is also the birthday of my youngest grandchild and only granddaughter. Aubrey arrived eight years ago today, and my son, her daddy, couldn’t have been more delighted that his daughter was a Halloween baby. 

I looked up Aubrey’s name: 

“Aubrey, you are a powerful person, with a strong connection to the spiritual world. You are intelligent, curious, bold, independent and interested in many things. You are very creative and like to have several projects going at once. You know what you know, even though you can’t always explain how you know, giving you confidence and an air of mystery. You have psychic abilities that help you see the world in fresh ways. 

You desire to inspire and lead others. You are giving, courageous, action oriented, energetic and strong willed. You want to make a difference in the world, and this attitude often attracts you to cultural interests, politics, social issues, and the cultivation of your creative talents. There are many paths through life that appeal to you. Whatever path you choose, others will follow. 

Those are powerful words for a child who has yet to fully realize their truth. However, true they are. I recognize these characteristics of Aubrey’s, whose name literally means “ruler of the elves”. With my love of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth, I have been enchanted by this elf princess since her birth. 

Aubrey does have a strong connection to the spiritual realm and she is, indeed, intuitive. Rather than being fearful, or trying to hide that side of her, as I did, she fully embraces who she is. To Aubrey, to know things beyond her five senses and act on them is natural. I continue to learn from Aubrey’s journey and the once fearful little girl who dwells within me has received much healing. 

This bright, energetic girl has shifted considerably in the last year. Always a great observer of people and life, she shares thought provoking insights. Our conversations have deepened while branching out at the same time. She expresses her creativity through drawing, coloring and story-telling. Just recently, she declared an interest in cooking and being a chef. 

Aubrey loves her big blended family and her extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Aubrey considers her second cousin London to be her sister/BFF. My sister Linda and I get these girls together as often as possible. The girls still love to play, and also chat, dance and go for walks. 

This inquisitive girl is in second grade this year. She does well in school, and received a SOAR award at the first assembly of the year along with a Talon award which was given to Aubrey by her classmates. She’s a friendly, outgoing child who watches out for other kids and converses easily with adults. 

Aubrey and I continue to share many interests. We love a good movie. A well done animated film can still entertain her, but Aubrey leans more toward live action films now. I enjoy watching movies with Aubrey, whose intuition and perceptions allow her to pick up deeper messages within the story, creating meaningful discussions after the credits roll. She became a Doctor Who fan during the last year and our conversations are peppered with fun Doctor Who references. 

She loves Scotland and wants to visit someday. She climbs trees and yet also likes wearing dresses. She prefers to wear her hair long and free and desires for her heart to be just as free to pursue her many interests. Bold and often unconventional, funny and wise, Aubrey has strong leadership abilities that she’s only just becoming aware of. 

Whatever path she chooses, whether a single path that she focuses all of her attention on, or multiple paths that allow her to explore her full range of creativity, I will be walking alongside, cheering her on, letting her set the pace and direction. 

Happy birthday Aubrey! Keep shining bright. I love you!

Sporting a birthday mustache. 

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