Vision Board 2017

On this last day of January, my mom, sister Linda, and I completed our vision boards for 2017. This project has become a fun shared event that we look forward to each yeat. As we flip through magazines, searching for images and words that represent our journeys, we chat and laugh and discuss life. 

Vision Board 2017
I have created vision boards for years, hanging them in my studio for inspiration. Over the years they have become less and less goal oriented, and more and more a visual snapshot of where I am in my journey. My theme for the year is represented, along with my symbol, and oft times a song or quote that carries deep significance for me. 

Vision Board 2017
Linda’s board is on the left, above. Her word for 2017 is FREEDOM. She selected images and words that reflect her desire for greater health and encourage her toward a personal project she is creating. 

My mom’s word is GRACE. She included words and pics that remind her to eat better and embrace happiness, kindness and magnificence. 

Their boards, and mine, have images representing an upcoming trip to Ireland, Scotland, and England that we will enjoy together, along with my other sister Debbie and my niece Ashley. Much of our conversation this evening centered around that anticipated trip. 

Vision Board 2017

My board is hanging in my creative studio tonight. This is perhaps the most simple board I have ever created, and I love that. My board emphasizes my healing journey and my desires to make life a little more tender and art a little more robust. Creativity is represented, along with gardening and writing. Travel dominates the top of my board with images of Italy, Scotland, Ireland and England. 

I am excited to see how this year unfolds. I am full of inspiration. 

I am so grateful for my traveling companions, all of them. I appreciate my mom and sister and their willingness to dream and create and cast visions with me. We are not meant to travel alone. We are made to journey together and help each other along the way. And if we can laugh along the way, that’s even better. 

Vision Board 2017

2 Replies to “Vision Board 2017”

  1. Vision boards are so powerful and I can imagine the joy and bonding that comes from sharing the process as a tight family group 😃
    What exciting times coming up!
    Beautiful family photo Cindy! It radiates genuine love and togetherness 😉

    1. You are right John! I love the creative process of putting together a vision board each year. It helps me get clear on where I am headed and it is fun! Love my family, all of them, and their willingness to journey together.

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