An Evening of Coloring

My days have been really full lately. That’s not a complaint at all. I absolutely love my life and my journey. After a busy day I come home, eat a healthy dinner, sometimes do a creative project and write a blog post or two. I’ve looked at the coloring page next to my chair every night for a month, and then after checking the time, I’ve thought, I’ll color on that tomorrow. 

Today I realized I’m up against the clock now. That coloring page, printed from the This Old House website, needs to be finished tomorrow if I’m going to enter it in the contest. 

An Evening of Coloring
So guess what I did this evening?

I came home, rather late, ate a healthy dinner of leftovers…and I colored. I spent the whole evening coloring. Earlier today, I considered not completing the page for the contest. However, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make the attempt to get it submitted in time. 

And…I really do enjoy coloring. Laying color on to the page, building up color, creating shading and highlights, is not only fun for me, it is centering, meditative, creative. 

An Evening of Coloring
This is where I started this evening, barely further along than I was a month ago. I filled in sections, one area at a time, using the colors that I felt drawn to. One of the things I love about coloring is how the picture evolves as I work, and often in different ways than I imagined when I began with a blank page. This truly is a creative process and there are no mistakes. What the finished picture becomes is always perfect, as it is. 

That is an important life lesson for me as well. I color in my own life as I go, and I am often just as surprised by what comes together, delightfully so. 

An Evening of Coloring
This is how far I got tonight. I made good progress and I’m pleased with the results. And truthfully, I don’t yet know if I will finish in time. Because tomorrow is another very full day. I will do my best, and enjoy what I do, and live with the “I don’t know” and the outcome. 

Whether I get the coloring page submitted in time or not, I’ve enjoyed the creative process and the lessons learned. It’s all good!

An Evening of Coloring

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