Dayan’s Graduation Party

It has been a beautiful weekend, spent with family. The focus of our time has been celebrating my grandson Dayan as he graduated from Carl Junction High School Friday night, turned 18 years old on that same day, and was the guest of honor at a party this afternoon.

I shared my thoughts around Dayan’s milestone Friday night. Read that post HERE.

Tonight’s post is a pictorial one, sharing highlights from the party, and concluding with a sweet video created by Dayan’s mom.

Dayan's Graduation Party
Dayan's Graduation Party The guest of honor

Dayan's Graduation Party Aunt Adriel, Mimi Jerri, Steve

Dayan's Graduation Party             Mimi Pat and Papa Walter

Dayan's Graduation Party Cousins Kaleb and Aubrey, with Uncle Nate in between

Dayan's Graduation Party

Dayan and his friends have a friendly little game going!

Dayan's Graduation Party

Dayan's Graduation Party Aunts Debbie and Linda, with cousin Eric and his girls, London and Aralyn. 

Dayan's Graduation Party Uncle Tim with his boys, Ethan, Levi and Isaiah, and Elissa and Walter. Somehow I missed getting a pic of Aunt DeLane! 

Dayan's Graduation Party

Stepdad Josh, Mom Elissa, Papa Greg

Dayan's Graduation Party

Dayan's Graduation Party         Brother Jonathan, cousin Ethan. 

Dayan's Graduation Party                Dayan and his Papa Greg

After the party, as we were cleaning up and loading the cars, Dayan had the wonderful idea of releasing the two red and black Carl Junction Bulldogs balloons. With Aubrey as his helper, he carried the helium filled balloons to the parking lot. Those who remained after the party gathered to watch. It felt like an important moment.

Dayan's Graduation Party
Dayan's Graduation Party
Dayan's Graduation Party
I love that series of photos. I appreciate that anytime Dayan interacts with a child, he kneels down so he’s on the same level. And I find so much meaning in the middle photo. Dayan has just released the ballons, symbolizing letting go of his time in Carl Junction schools.

It is not a forgetting of those years. He is just not holding on to them. Look at his open hand as the balloons fly away. Releasing balloons has become a way of honoring someone or something…and a way of saying goodbye. Dayan is open to receive what will come next, enjoying these moments, looking upward and onward to a bright future.

And little Aubrey standing beside him represents all of us who are walking alongside Dayan as he journeys…family and friends, colleagues and teachers. We all stood and watched the balloons soar higher and higher, until they disappeared.

Dayan's Graduation Party
A chapter closes. And an exciting new one begins…

Enjoy this video of Dayan’s journey thus far, prepared with great love, and many tears, by his beautiful mom.


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