Product Review: BOOM! Makeup by Cindy Joseph

Today seemed like the perfect time to follow up yesterday’s post about taking care of my skin, with a review of makeup products I have been trying. I’ve been aware of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph for quite some time. Her line of minimal makeup, geared toward women over 50, appealed to me because of the natural ingredients in the products and the simplicity of paring my makeup down to three basics. 

Intrigued after checking out Cindy’s story on her website, I purchased the BOOMSTICK TRIO and received them about 30 days ago. I have had ample opportunity to use the products and can now offer an honest review. 

Product Review: BOOM!
Cindy Joseph began her career as a makeup artist in the late 70s in San Francisco. Even then she believed less was more, and that women shouldn’t be slaves to dozens of cosmetics. As she aged, she became pro-age, rather than anti-aging. At the age of 49 she was spotted by a modeling scout on the streets of New York City. The incident launched her next career as a silver haired model, taking her around the world as she graced the covers of magazines and appeared in ads for major companies. 

As she approached 60, Cindy entered into the cosmetic business herself, introducing a line of products that are rich in natural moisterizers such as olive oil and beeswax. She wanted to produce makeup that was about revealing rather than hiding. Cindy says, “As women age, looking fresh, rather than made up, is the key.”

Product Review: BOOM!              BOOM! founder, Cindy Joseph. 

I embrace Cindy’s philosophies and beliefs about aging. I don’t care to hide my age. I am 59. Rather, I desire to take excellent care of myself by adopting a plant based lifestyle, drinking lots of water, and making sure I move my body every day. I love the simplicity of my health routines, and that includes taking care of my skin and practicing a minimalist attitude toward makeup. 

I thought I would show how easy BOOM! is to use, with a series of candid photos. 

Product Review: BOOM!
Here I am, fresh from the shower, with clean, dry skin and wet hair. 

Product Review: BOOM!
First product on my face is BOOMSTICK GLO, a protective, nourishing and healing moisturizer that is great for face and body, in a handy stick. A little goes a long ways as it glides over my skin. 

Product Review: BOOM!
Product Review: BOOM!BOOMSTICK GLO is perfect for moisturizing lips as well. 

Product Review: BOOM!Wearing BOOMSTICK GLO, which is colorless. 

Product Review: BOOM!

Next is BOOMSTICK COLOR, in sheer berry, that is so fun to use. This is a multipurpose product that goes on the cheeks, forehead, lips, brows, sides of neck…anywhere you want a touch of color. Cindy’s intention was to mimic the beautiful flush a woman gets when she’s joyful…or aroused…or joyfully aroused! 

Product Review: BOOM!

I use BOOMSTICK COLOR on my cheeks and lips, dot across my forehead and trail down my neck, and use on the outer corners of my brows and eyelids. I love the berry color. 

Product Review: BOOM!I can’t help but smile and laugh after applying BOOMSTICK COLOR! At first it looks like I put my makeup on in the dark! It blends in beautifully though, giving a hint of color. 

Product Review: BOOM!              All blended in. 

Product Review: BOOM!

BOOMSTICK GLIMMER goes on last. This pearlescent glimmer is applied on brows, cheekbones, bottom lip, shoulders, collarbones…anywhere you want a bit of shine and highlight. 

Product Review: BOOM!
Product Review: BOOM!I use BOOMSTICK GLIMMER on my inner eyelids and brows, the tops of my cheek bones and the center of my bottom lip. If I am wearing a top that reveals my shoulders or collarbones, I apply a bit of GLIMMER there too. 

Product Review: BOOM!

That’s my typical makeup routine since purchasing the BOOMSTICK TRIO. It takes me less than 10 minutes to apply makeup and be ready to go. I love the ease of application and the wholesomeness of the products. 

The TRIO was a cinch to pack for my recent trip…just three small tubes in their mesh bag instead of a makeup case full of products. And I can easily tote one tube or all three if I’m going to be out all day. 

Product Review: BOOM!
After a month of use, my skin feels exceptionally smooth and soft and fresh. At first I had to get used to having a dewy complexion. I have always used a finishing powder to create a matte finish. Then I realized that by definition, matte means dull and flat. Why would I want a dull face? I choose to glow! 

The compliments I get are about how healthy my skin looks, or that I have a healthy glow, or that I look sun kissed. Most often, I am told, simply, that I look great. What I most appreciate is that no one compliments my makeup. They compliment my skin. Or my healthy look. They aren’t noticing my makeup…they are noticing me, and my skin. To me, that’s the ultimate sign of a great product that enhances, not conceals. 

The BOOMSTICK TRIO sells for $76 and can only be ordered through Cindy’s website HERE. If that seems pricey, remember that these three products have replaced all my makeup and my daytime moisturizer. I still use my own DIY skin serum at night. Individual sticks can be purchased too, for $27 each. 

 I know there are lots of products and cosmetic companies out there. My sweet cousin Pam sells the Younique line, and I am so proud of her for her dedication in building her business. Cindy Joseph’s makeup line works for me. It fits my personality and my belief system and I love how my skin feels and looks, using BOOM! 

So here is the final pic, hair dried and with BOOMSTICK GLO, COLOR, and GLIMMER on. This is an unedtited photo, except that I cropped out some of the background. I turned off the overhead light in the bathroom, when I realized I was getting shadow across my face. I should have caught that earlier. There is natural, filtered sunlight coming in through the bedroom window, highlighting my natural, simple look. 

I love my age. I love my skin. I love my BOOM! 

Product Review: BOOM!

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