Creating a Bohemian Inspiration Board

Tonight I enjoyed returning to the process of designing a piece of clothing. I created a second inspiration board, filled with bohemian style clothes that caught my interest. This board now accompanies the classic chic one I created a week or so ago. My own design will most likely fall somewhere in between the two styles.

Although, working on this board tonight, I again realized how much I am drawn to this particular style. Bohemian is defined thus:

The clothes reflect that sense of freedom with garments that flow. Layering is another important element of the boho style along with earthy colors, fringe, tassels and long wraps and scarves. Hippie is another term for boho clothing, or gypsy style.

I used the internet to find images of boho clothes that appealed to me. After printing those pics out I arranged them on a piece of poster board.

I love the art of collage and the process of creating boards. Each new year begins with a fresh vision board containing my new word for the year, my symbol, and images and words that represent the direction I am heading.

These inspiration boards are very specific to one idea, but in the same way, they represent my thoughts and dreams and the direction I am heading.

I discovered years ago that as soon as I put these intentions out there, the Divine immediately begins to rearrange life to meet me where I am on the path, guiding me, bringing opportunities, providing continual inspiration as I journey.

This journey, designing articles of clothing that reflect my wild heart and my classic chic/bohemian lifestyle, is no different. I am casting a vision forward, and taking the action steps as inspiration comes.

I am finding joy in the journey and taking delight in the creation process, and truly that is enough. Almost. I intend to create at least one piece of clothing, or even better, one complete outfit that I can wear as an artistic expression that declares, This is who I am.

I can visualize myself wearing those boho clothes that I have created. I can see them. And that's where the creative process starts. Stay tuned.