Day 5: Movie Night at Home

Today’s hygge challenge is actually one of my favorite things to do. I love watching movies. And I love that the task for day 5 was to stay in and get comfy while enjoying a film.

Movie Night at Home

Friday – Have a movie night at home

The intent for this challenge was to get into comfy clothes or pjs, create a cozy atmosphere, have treats nearby, and relax while watching a movie. I appreciate the deeper assignment beneath the challenge. This wasn’t just a watch a movie at home night. This was a create warmth and comfort and wellbeing while watching a movie at home night, with the emphasis on the environment part.

I took great care in creating a space that was fun, relaxing and comfortable. I have discovered this about myself this week…I take hygge seriously!

Movie Night at Home

I chose my bedroom as the location for movie night. Repeating the Day 1 challenge, I lit tea light candles throughout the room, leaving off the overhead light, and I lit the essential oils candle that I purchased on Monday.

There was a pile of pillows to get comfy against, and I tossed my super soft blanket on the bed, in case I felt a need for something cuddly.

Movie Night at Home

My treat for movie time was a cup of hot herbal tea, a blend of lemon balm, thyme and fennel seeds, and cara cara orange segments with a sliced Braeburn apple. This snack was satisfying and so good for me.

Following the comfy clothes recommendation, on this warm evening I opted for a soft sleeveless racer back T and low rise briefs, topped by a short, lightweight kimono style wrap. It has exquisite needlework on it, because comfy can also be beautiful.

Movie Night at Home

I was ready for the movie! Earlier in the day I checked my watch lists on both Amazon Prime and Netflix. I have long lists on both. I felt drawn to the sci fi thriller, The Circle, staring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson.

I’ll do a review of this interesting movie another time. That’s not the purpose of tonight’s blog post. I enjoyed the movie though. I thought I had it all figured out, then it surprised me at the end.

Movie Night at Home

What I really enjoyed was the whole evening…the candle light, the healthy snack, the pretty, comfy clothes, and the even more comfy bed with its pillows and soft blanket, which I did use to cover my bare legs when they got cool.

It was the perfect evening for me and I am grateful for it. And I am grateful for this hygge challenge that I happened across on Pinterest. This has certainly been a cozy, comfortable, beautiful week. More hygge in my life, please.

Movie Night at Home

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