One Day at a Time

I came across a short quote on Friday, as I worked on that day’s blog post, that delighted me. Sometimes it’s the really simple things that bring me great joy. In this case, the quote also connected to me personally and served as a thumbs up for my theme this year of Story. I love these playful winks from the Divine.

One Day at a Time

I looked for a source for the quote today, without finding one, as the meme I saw didn’t credit anyone. I couldn’t find an author or a movie that it came from or any hint at all about the origins.

One Day at a Time

I adore the words. This is precisely how I’m living my life, one day, one story at a time. And with the blog theme for this year, the quote perfectly sums up my daily writing. I’m sharing the life I live, one day, one blog post, at a time.

Thinking about the truth of those words, I recognize it’s what we’re all doing. The choice we have, is…what kind of stories are we telling?

Some days, my story is a joyful one, full of amazing surprises. Other days my story has sorrowful undertones. I’ve lived in scary stories, hurtful tales and “don’t mess with me” shorts. I’ve loved the adventure stories and learned through the “this is how you grow” ones. And many, many of my stories are wondrous accounts of Divine guidance and invitations, full of synchronicities and signs and ahas.

I’m reminded not to dwell long on the stories from my past. There are sweet memories there that can fuel current stories, but there are also painful remembrances as well that can darken my daily stories if I hold on to the pain. And I can completely miss the story that unfolds today if I’m longing for a future one that has yet to be written. In the flow of Life, the stories will be told, as I live them.

Every sunrise presents a fresh blank page. The invitation offered to me is to create my story. I accept.

One Day at a Time

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