I Am Here

I love words and recently a new one came into my awareness. I’ve been involved in studies to develop and broaden my intuition. I have a very strong intuitive sense, however I am always interested in learning more and growing into the person I am meant to be.

I Am Here

The word is adsum. It is a Latin word that first came into use in the late 16th century, when it appeared in Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Adsum means “I am here”, and it was often used in response to a roll call. The word has fallen out of use today.

This is what has come to be meaningful to me. Whispering or thinking the word adsum is a way to gently redirect my awareness back to the present moment…I am here. When my thoughts have slipped into the past, or they are busy creating stories about the future, adsum is a command word that brings my attention to the now, where I can attend to myself or the people or situations that require my focus. I am here.

I love the beauty of this simple word. Several times this past week, I have halted my run away mind by quietly uttering adsum…I am here. Immediately my awareness shifts. It helps me to take in my surroundings fully and completely and state where I am. I am here in the shower. The warm spray of water feels wonderful. I am here. All is well.

Last night, after I turned off the light, I lay in bed, cocooned by the darkness. As I became drowsy, my new word drifted into my mind. Adsum. Adsum. I am here. To my surprise, my chakras…the seven energy centers in the body…fired up. Colors appeared behind my closed eyelids. Red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo and violet blooms expanded and then faded away, as energy moved upwards from my base chakra to my crown chakra.

It was an amazing experience, activated by bringing my awareness fully into the moment and keeping my focus there. I felt undone, open, and full of love and light. Adsum. I am here.

I Am Here

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