Margaret…a Ghost Story

Tonight’s story, a true tale, was triggered by an item that I found in a storage trunk upstairs last night, as I searched for something else. The tiny red coat and cap, designed to fit a small child, was worn briefly by a member in my family that I know very little about. In fact, the coat survived decades longer than this wee girl.

Her name was Margaret.

Margaret a Ghost Story

Margaret Ann Lauderdale was born in 1941, the youngest of six children. Her parents, Dennis and Grace Lauderdale, were my grandparents. They welcomed this child into a family that already contained two sons and three daughters. My daddy, Curtis, was the child closest in age to Margaret. He was approximately two and a half years older than his baby sister.

Tragically, Margaret died in 1943, after eating grapes that had been sprayed for pests. My dad, who was with Margaret at the time, ate the grapes too, and although he became very ill, his body was bigger and stronger. He survived, something my dad felt guilty about for the rest of his life.

Margaret a Ghost Story Dennis and Grace Lauderdale

Margaret a Ghost Story The five Lauderdale children. My father became the youngest, after Margaret’s death.

And that’s all I know about Margaret Ann. Her siblings could not talk about her, without great sorrow. My grandmother could not speak of her at all, even after many years had passed. I’ve never seen a photo of Margaret as a baby, or a toddler.


As I held the small red coat in my hands last night, feeling sad, I recalled that I had seen Margaret. At least, I believe that’s who I saw.

This is Margaret’s ghost story.

One Saturday, about eight or nine years ago, my family was gathered at my sister Debbie’s house, in Oklahoma. There was much laughter as we dined together, and swims in the backyard pool, and people constantly moving indoors and outdoors.

I wanted to use my sister’s computer and was waiting for an opportunity to grab her and ask her permission. As I stood in the living room, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and saw my sister cross the foyer at the front of the house and enter the dining room. I thought the woman was my sister. She resembled Debbie and had long dark hair.

I hurried to catch up with her and followed her into the dining room, which was where the computer was conveniently located, my question already escaping my lips. I was startled to enter the dimly lit room and discover it was empty. No one was in the silent dining room. Nevertheless, I looked around, searching the shadows. “Debbie?” I said, even though I could see she wasn’t present. I stepped back through the dining room door and glanced around the crowded living room. Debbie was sitting in a corner chair, in the living room, chatting away. She said she had been there for a while.

While I puzzled out who I had just followed into an empty room, Margaret…my long deceased aunt who did not survive her toddler years…came strongly to mind, the name like an echo of a whisper I could almost hear. I don’t have proof that’s who the spirit was. But since that day, other family members have seen her, in different houses, during different times. Margaret prefers to be near my sister, and others have noted the resemblance between the two.

In my family, ghosts are not a rarity. In fact, we have encountered more than one ghost named Margaret. I accept that the soul lives on, after the body dies, and sometimes, oftentimes, our departed loved ones are near us, sending us love, cheering us on, offering unseen but real support. I’ve experienced their presences too many times, to believe otherwise, and I am comforted knowing my grandparents or my dad or an aunt I’ve never met on this side of the veil visits me.

I brought Margaret’s little red coat and hat downstairs and gently hung them up. They are going to my sister Debbie on my next visit. It seems right for the coat to be with her…to be with them.

Beautiful Margaret, may your soul continue to explore and find the peace and joy that you barely had opportunity to experience in life. We, your family, love you.

Margaret a Ghost Story

Grandma & Grandpa’s Shed

Back in 1977, the summer after Greg and I were married, we were visiting with his grandparents. They lived just down the road from us south of the tiny town of Noel, Missouri. I don’t remember the exact conversation, however two things contributed to what happened next.

I expressed an appreciation for vintage items and, being newlyweds, Greg’s grandmother was aware that we could use some household items. She gestured down the hill to the old shed and told us to help ourselves to anything in there. It was full of stuff she no longer used or wanted. “Just watch out for spiders!” she called out as we made our way to the old structure.

Grandma and Grandpa’s Shed

The shed’s dusty interior was indeed crammed full of a variety of fascinating items. What I wouldn’t give to see all the contents again. Now I would hire a truck and load it all up. Back then I was a bit shy about accepting gifts that were offered to me. On that afternoon, I eyed everything with a practical eye. What could I actually use?

Greg and I spent a happy afternoon, sorting through items in the shed. There were spiders, poisonous brown recluses that can inflict a nasty bite. We tried to ignore them, hoping they would do the same to us. I hauled out items that caught my eye, either because of usability or beauty or both. We received a final approval from Grandma Ruby and Grandpa Bill before we loaded up the car. They waved us on, chuckling over some of my choices.

I still have those items, 40 years later. Many of them are used on a daily basis. The rest are on display or have been repurposed in my backyard garden.

Grandma and Grandpa’s Shed

Many of the items I selected were destined for my kitchen. The blue and white enamelware colander gets used so often, draining cooked gluten free pasta or vegetables, that I almost forgot to retrieve it from the dish drainer, to include in tonight’s display. I also use the colander when I pick veggies from my garden and to hold washed veggies as they dry.

Grandma and Grandpa’s Shed

I don’t use the vintage ceramic pie plate much anymore, although I make a raw blueberry pie with a cashew and date crust in it occasionally. The colorful plates are from Bauer Pottery in California, and were made in the mid 1950s.

Grandma and Grandpa’s Shed

Grandma and Grandpa’s Shed

I used the cut glass silverware holder and the small white ceramic toothpick holder when my kids were younger. Both are display items now. And the tiny wooden butter mold is a keepsake as well. The vintage glass pitchers are frequently used. Years ago they held juice or lemonade or black cherry kool-aid. For months after acquiring the pitchers, Greg or I would pick up packets of black cherry flavored kool-aid from the store. I thought it was his favorite flavor, because he always bought it. And he thought it was mine, for the same reason. Finally one day we both admitted that neither of us liked black cherry kool-aid! We never purchased it again, thankfully. Today those pitchers hold ginger water or lemon water.

Grandma and Grandpa’s Shed

Grandma and Grandpa’s Shed

The old glass canning jars with side wires were made in the 1920s – 1930s, before metal ring lids were common. I’ve used them to hold a variety of dry goods or tea light candles. Greg was able to figure out the age of the Ball jar by the style of the lettering. And the vintage milk bottle and cream bottle still have their original cardboard toppers.

Grandpa Bill worked as a milk delivery man when he was a newlywed and living in Kansas City about 1918. He drove a horse drawn wagon, filled with his customers’ milk orders. He used to tell the story that he would hop out of the wagon to drop bottles of milk on doorsteps and his horse, who knew the route well, would walk on around the corner and wait patiently for him there. Grandma Ruby laughed at me for wanting those bottles…but those old containers are now 100 years old, and I love the story that they represent. These items are for display only.

Grandma and Grandpa’s Shed

This afternoon, as I thought about these items, in preparation for writing this post, I realized that these were “wedding gifts”, of the most precious kind, for a young couple who didn’t have much. I’d rather have an old item, even one that is practical, that has a story attached to it, than something new from the store.

Which made me wonder…what did Grandma and Grandpa Moore give us as an actual wedding gift? Money? Dishes? Oh, I remember…they bought us a bed, with a nice set of mattresses. And then I remembered something else. Grandma Ruby made us a tablecloth, for our little second hand dining table that I repainted. Greg reupholstered the chairs. Ironically, my grandmother made us a tablecloth too as a wedding gift, and she was the one who gave us the dining set. I rummaged through my storage chest upstairs, another vintage piece that I will write about soon, and I found both tablecloths.

I haven’t used the tablecloths in many years, but they are still in great shape. The one from Grandma Ruby became the backdrop for the vintage pieces tonight. I can hear that beautiful and grand woman laughing with amusement over my display of items from her old shed, resting on a now vintage tablecloth that she lovingly made. She would be so pleased to know I’ve kept it all. These pieces give me pleasure as well.

Grandma and Grandpa’s Shed

Seven Wonders

Today’s Sunday Short was inspired by a meme I saw on Instagram recently, by Power of Positivity. It listed the “Seven Wonders of the World”. These weren’t the monuments and structures created by mankind in ancient times. I was captivated by this meme because it listed the true wonders of the world…our abilities to sense and perceive and love while in this realm.

Seven Wonders

My creativity kicked in and I chose to create seven mini memes using each of the wonders with my own photos. The fun was in creating and also in looking through photos and finding the perfect representation of the wonder. The original meme that fueled my inspiration is posted at the end.

The Seven Wonders of the World

Seven Wonders The Grand Canal, Venice, Rome

Seven Wonders The lone piper, in The Highlands, Scotland. Hear the song he played HERE

Seven Wonders Creeping phlox in my backyard garden

Seven Wonders One of my veggie bowls.

Seven Wonders Elissa, Dayan and I with our feet in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Cinque Terre, Italy. We felt the sea wash over our feet and the enormity of our experience, a long awaited trip to Italy, wash through our hearts and souls.

Seven Wonders Dayan and I experiencing a moment of hilarity on the Italy trip.

Seven Wonders The love between these second cousins, London and Aubrey, is profound.

Can you feel the magnificence and the wonderment of these human abilities? How grateful I am to be able to experience these wonders on a daily basis. And how mindful I want to be that they truly are gifts.

Seven Wonders

Movie Review: Mama Mia 2 Here We Go Again

When Mama Mia The Movie came out, in 2008, it instantly became a favorite with me. The high energy musical, created around ABBA songs, was fun and playful and I watched it over and over again. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the sequel, which released in theaters a week ago. I slipped away for a matinee this afternoon, joining a mostly female audience who seemed to be as excited as I was.

Movie Review Mama Mia Here We Go Again

Mama Mia Here We Go Again stars Amanda Seyfried, Dominic Cooper, Lily James, Pierce Brosnan, Jeremy Irvine, Andy Garcia, Stellan Skarsgard, Josh Dylan, Colin Firth, Hugh Skinner, Julia Walters, Alexa Davies, Christine Baranski, Jessica Keenan Wynn, Cher, and Meryl Streep. The musical comedy, directed by Ol Parker, carries a PG-13 rating for adult themes, and has a run time of 1 hour and 54 minutes.

Set 5 years after the first film, this story is both a sequel and a prequel. As Sophie (Seyfried) prepares for a grand opening of the fully refurbished hotel, the Bella Donna, on the Greek island that her mother (Streep) settled on years before, she finds herself surrounded by a swirl of conflicting emotions. She suspects she is pregnant. Her husband Sky (Cooper) is away in New York City, learning about hotel management.

One of her fathers, Sam (Brosnan) lives on the island with her, but her other two fathers, Bill (Skarsgard) and Harry (Firth) can’t be present for her big celebration. And her melancholy hotel manager Fernando (Garcia) is predicting that a storm is on its way. If the storm hits, the grand opening party will be ruined. Her mother’s best friends, Rosie (Walters) and Tanya (Baranski) arrive ahead of the storm, ready to bolster Sophie.

Movie Review Mama Mia Here We Go Again

As the present day story unfolds, the movie switches back and forth between Sophie and her mother’s backstory. Young Donna (James) graduates from Oxford with her friends and band mates, Rosie (Davies) and Tanya (Wynn). Rather than making plans for the next stage of her life, Donna wants to explore the world, and make some memories.

On her way to Greece, she first encounters Harry (Skinner) and then Bill (Dylan), who takes her by boat to the Greek island that is her destination, and lastly she finds Sam (Irvine). Sam is spending a week on the island, seeking freedom from the obligations and arrangements waiting for him when he returns home. Donna has a romantic encounter with each of the men, however, it is Sam who captures her heart…and then breaks it when he departs, as scheduled. It is later, after Sam leaves, that Donna discovers she is pregnant and makes the decision to remain on the island.

Movie Review Mama Mia Here We Go Again

Back in the present day, the storm does arrive, changing the grand opening plans. But Sophie has bigger problems to fret about. She has concerns that she and Sky are growing apart. She feels extremely close to her mother, as she considers her upcoming pregnancy on the island, and yet she feels overwhelmed and very alone.

Ultimately Bill and Harry make it to the island, bringing with them Sky and boats full of out of work fishermen and their families. And Sophie’s grandmother (Cher) makes a surprise appearance at the party, even though she wasn’t invited. Sophie discovers, as her mother did years before, that life can’t be scripted. It can only be embraced and enjoyed.

Movie Review Mama Mia Here We Go Again

I had such fun watching this musical. As in the first film, the songs are from ABBA and they are cleverly woven into the storyline. I liked the sequel/prequel format. The audience got to see a youthful Donna meet each of the men who were important in her life, one of whom is Sophie’s biological dad. The young actors playing Sam, Bill and Harry did a great job capturing the older actors’ mannerism and speech patterns, as did the young women who portrayed Donna, Rosie and Tanya. The backstories were well done, and merged beautifully with present day scenes featuring Sophie.

I expected to smile and laugh during this movie. I expected to hum along and tap my foot with ABBA songs. What I didn’t expect were the teary eyed moments and a scene toward the end that created noisy sniffles throughout the theater. I wanted to bawl. My body said nope, not here you won’t.

Overall, Mama Mia Here We Go Again is entertaining, thought provoking and heart warming. I want to see it again and purchase the soundtrack. It is worth sitting through the end credits for the extravagant song and dance number by the cast, and an extra scene after all the names scroll by. The entire audience sat with me until the lights came back up, and then we all clapped. I love a good musical.

Movie Review Mama Mia Here We Go Again


A couple of weeks ago my imagination was ignited by a quote I saw. I shared the moving words, written by Morgan Harper Nichols, in the form of a meme. Then I learned that Morgan is a storyteller. In fact, creating stories using a variety of mediums, is what Morgan is passionate about.


I am still discovering Morgan’s story, however, from what I have learned via her website, art, quotes and songs, she is an extraordinarily gifted young woman.

Morgan uses music, words, art and design to create stories that are crafted around and for other people. One of the most amazing things I learned about Morgan is that every day she uses her abilities to create art for others, as an act of generosity. You can submit your name on her website HERE and daily Morgan will randomly choose people to receive encouraging and artistically expressed words, for free.

She also has printable postcards and wall art on her site.



In addition to her art and words, Morgan is a musician, songwriter, guitarist and a gospel music recording artist. I’ve been listening to her music, via YouTube, as I water the garden in the evenings. It is a soulful, uplifting experience…earbuds in, song playing, surrounded by the beauty of the garden.

Morgan’s song Storyteller features her sister, Jamie Grace and has garnered more than one million plays on Spotify. Listen to this amazing song HERE.


I appreciate Morgan, for her generosity, her encouraging spirit and for seeing the value in creating and sharing stories, about herself and about others. She has the ability to immerse herself in the Larger Story, which gives her a higher perspective and a fresh voice.

Morgan Harper Nichols is one brilliant woman to watch. Or better yet, make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of tea, eliminate distractions, and listen to her stories.


7 Day Book Cover Challenge – Completed

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Today I declared the 7 Day Book Cover Challenge completed. This was a fun and easy daily exercise. Take a photo of a favorite book, post it on social media, without comment or a review, and tag a friend to play along. I chose to play on Facebook and Instagram, posting the same book cover photo on each, with different friends tagged.

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

7 Day Book Cover Challenge Completed

In this follow up post, I’m listing the books I chose by sharing the photos of the covers. As per the rules, I’m still not going to review the books, although I’ll post briefly why I selected each one.

Day 1 The Lord of the Rings

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

This hefty volume contains all three of the books in the Lord of the Rings series. Tolkien’s epic Middle Earth stories have  impacted my life in huge ways. I found long buried pieces of myself in these tales of heroes’ journeys and redemption.

Day 2 The Untethered Soul

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

I’ve read Michael Singer’s book, about the spiritual journey, many times. His words freed my heart from old, old energy that kept it bound. This book also inspired my Year of Going Beyond…which became my year of doing new things every day. My blog still carries the word Beyond as part of the title, as a nod to this book. And, I am still going beyond.

Day 3 Life Changing Foods

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

This book, along with Medical Medium   Liver Rescue and Thyroid Healing, continues to impact my health and well being in very positive ways. Anthony’s books became my roadmap back to a vibrant, pain free, healthy state of being. Thanks to these books, I am enjoying life again.

Day 4 Big Magic

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

Liz Gilbert’s book gave me permission to fully embrace my creative side and enjoy the resulting magic. What a great privilege, to hear Liz speak in Wichita, Kansas. I purchased this book along with a ticket to her event. I appreciate and benefit from her words.

Day 5 Mr. Pockets

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

This beautiful tale is a ghost story, a love story and a historical account, woven together. The events span from the Civil War to the early 2000s. I am also extremely proud of the author, who is my cousin. Holding Mr. Pockets in my hands reminds me that dreams do come true, with persistence and perseverance. I am encouraged, by her example, to pursue my own dreams.

Day 6 The Artist’s Way

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

Liz Gilbert recommended this workbook during her event. That’s all the encouragement I needed to purchase the book. Julia’s writing and life exercises influenced my inner artist and invited her to awaken fully. I enjoyed working through this book, and two others in the series.

Day 7 Love Warrior

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

This book, along with her previous one, Carry On Warrior, opened up my heart in such tender and amazing ways. Through her life, and her words, Glennon encourages me to live as my authentic self and keep my heart wide open so love can spill out.

The Power of Books

I could easily choose a dozen more impactful and life shifting books! This challenge reminds me of the vital role authors and books play in my life journey and my soul growth. I love the power of books, the power of words.

What books have shaped your life? Consider yourself invited to the 7 Day Book Cover Challenge.Book Cover Challenge Completed



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Queen of My Own Kingdom

I woke up this morning, with a question reverberating through my consciousness. I often wake up with a song or a statement or question. These aren’t random thoughts. They are usually in response to a query or a time of pondering. Those magical moments in between sleep and awareness allow the answers to enter, bypassing my logical brain to land near my heart.

Queen of My Own Kingdom

I knew why the question was posed to me.

This year I have been working on new ideas and new plans, with the intention of creating multiple streams of income that I can monitor from anywhere in the world. The ability to work remotely would free me to pursue the life of my dreams…spending time with my family and exploring the world through travel.

I’ve created four interconnected areas, or streams, that are in alignment with what I love: writing the blogs, travel, being healthy at every age and intuitive studies. I have a vision and a heart for these callings, these gifts that I can offer to the world.

I am also sometimes startled when I think about my age and consider these adventures that are calling to me. I am 60 years old. Occasionally, doubt will raise its ugly head and challenge me, whispering that I should be thinking about retirement, not about pursuing my dreams.

In fact, just a couple of days ago, doubt made an appearance. And for a few moments, fear joined in. What am I thinking? I wondered aloud. Maybe I just need to settle down and forget these big ideas. The doubt and fear dissipated quickly but the question had been voiced. What am I thinking?

Queen of My Own Kingdom

This morning my wonderings were met with a question that cut through the chatter about age and doubts. The Divine asked,

Do you want to be the Queen of your own kingdom…or a pawn in someone else’s?

I thought about that question all morning.

I know the answer. I want to be the Queen of my own kingdom, of the empire I create, rather than a pawn in another kingdom.

My answer in no way reflects on the amazing real estate company that I have my license with. Keller Williams is THE best company in the world. Rather my response is a reflection of who I am, and who I am becoming, and the choices I want to make. I will keep my real estate license for a while longer, and continue to assist clients who need my help.

However, there is an adventure awaiting my decision, and suddenly, this afternoon, I was ready to leap to my feet and strongly answer the question from this morning. Yes. Yes! I am ready to create a new kingdom. I am ready to do the work required and learn what I need to learn. I am ready to put on my “crown” and claim ownership of the empire I am creating.

Queen of My Own Kingdom

Queen of My Own Kingdom

I moved into my studio and cleared away junk mail and old office supplies and odds and ends that had accumulated there. I wrote a declaration on my white board and made space for an action plan. I’m working on sticky notes with action steps that I can add to the board. The energy swirling around me was incredible as I shifted into creation mode. I’ll share more details in the weeks ahead.

Lastly, I cleared the top of my tall bookcase and placed my Arwen sword there, as inspiration. Interestingly, I had retrieved the Middle Earth weapon from my closet recently, and rather than return it to the closet shelf, I simply laid it on the floor in my studio with the intention of putting it away later. It was waiting there for me…waiting for me to grasp it and hold it aloft, to battle my doubts, to slay fear, to remind me that my dreams are worth protecting and fighting for…waiting for me to remember who I am.

I am Cindy…the Queen of my own Kingdom…the Creator of Dreams.

Queen of My Own Kingdom

Circle of Life…in My Garden

I was working on another blog post early this evening, when I decided to take a break and water the containers in my backyard garden. Earbuds in, listening to music while I watered, I was humming along with a song when my eyes were drawn to a plant near my meditation garden.

It’s not the first time in recent weeks that I’ve paused to look at this particular plant, but tonight the wonder of it and the beauty of the gift offered to me caused me to drop the watering hose and crouch down to gently touch the plant. I spent several minutes plucking away a few weeds and feeling gratitude for this, another precious and unexpected gift from the garden.

Circle of Life in My Garden

This Sedum plant is a perennial that has returned to my garden five summers in a row. It has never grown in as it has this summer. Normally this succulent type plant forms a rounded mound of green leaves. As fall approaches it produces pink clusters of flowers on stubby stems.

But…look at it! Located near a tall ornamental grass that somewhat overshadows the Sedum, the plant has grown in this year in a perfectly formed circle with a hollow center. It looks like I dropped a wreath and it sunk roots into the ground.

Circle of Life in My Garden

These kinds of mysterious gifts keep appearing in my garden. The brown eyed Susans formed an equally perfect heart shape one year. Vegetables and fruits grow amid the flowers, even though I did not plant them nor have I ever had veggies or fruits in this part of the garden. Garden cranes called to me, insisting that they belonged in my backyard sanctuary. Then, after purchasing two metal cranes, I discovered my ancestral castle in Lauder, Scotland had a pair of the graceful birds near the massive front door.

Thomas Moore, author of The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life, writes:

“Gardens work powerful enchantment as they take us body and soul out of the busyness of life and into a place set apart. The garden is a proper place of the soul, where concerns of the soul for beauty, contemplation, quiet, and observance take complete precedence over the busier concerns of daily life. There you will likely see the butterfly, an ancient image of the soul, and the bee, representing the kind of work the soul does…unheroic, hidden, mysterious, and sweet. The garden is full of mysteries.”

Circle of Life in My Garden

I deeply appreciate the way Thomas views the garden as a spiritual place, full of beauty and mystery and lessons for the soul. My backyard paradise certainly inspires me, even as it surprises me and teaches me life lessons.

Back inside, I abandoned my other blog post idea and looked up the symbolism for the wreath. Wreaths have been used for thousands of years. Early wreaths in Roman times were made of laurel leaves and they were worn as crowns that represented victory.

Used often at Christmas time, decorative wreaths represent the Divine, eternity, completeness and wholeness. Their circular shape is symbolic of timelessness, infinity and eternal life, as there is no beginning and no ending with a circle, with a wreath.

I don’t know how the Sedum plant formed such an amazing and symbolic shape, or why. However, I accept this latest gift from my garden. I am ever so grateful for these reminders that Life is so big, so mysterious and magical. These messages are Divine in nature, and part of an ongoing conversation that continually delights me and raises my awareness ever higher.

As I read about the symbolism for the wreath, another aha leapt out at me, that made me laugh. Eternal life, without end. Do you know what nickname the Sedum plant has? It’s the name I originally knew this perennial by, earned because Sedum is so easy to grow and care for.

Sedum is also called Live-Forever Plant. How incredibly beautiful and extraordinary is this living wreath from my garden.

Circle of Life in My Garden

Haunting History

I appreciate when our small local theater offers something unique, apart from their usual awesome movie lineup. This evening Route 66 Movie Theater in Webb City, Missouri sponsored Haunting History with the showing of a couple of documentaries that featured local paranormal investigator, David Glidden.

My mom, sister Linda, daughter Elissa and grandson Dayan joined me for a spooky glimpse into two haunted, and historical, locations.

Haunting History

David and his team use a variety of high tech gadgets to investigate houses, buildings, and cemeteries, with the intention of capturing and documenting paranormal activity. They have a YouTube show, Haunting History, that’s in its fourth season. Check the show out HERE

Tonight we watched an episode that was taped in a local cemetery, and got to view a pilot episode for a proposed television series.

As the title indicates, David includes historical information about each location as well, adding depth and interest to each piece. Places where historical events have occurred, such as battles, tragedies or murders, tend to be steeped in strong and often negative energy, hence the hauntings.

Haunting History

Tonight we learned about the tiny community of Newtonia, Missouri, near Neosho, where two Civil War skirmishes took place. A nearby family manor was temporarily converted into a military hospital and the rural cemetery became the final resting place for fallen soldiers. David and his team set up lights, cameras and devices, and caught a moderate amount of activity in the cemetery.

Haunting History

In the second episode, that David is packaging for television, the team traveled to Malvern, Iowa. There he investigated Malvern Manor. This big old foreboding place was once a house that later served the community as a facility for the mentally disturbed. According to stories, the treatments at the Manor could be extreme by today’s standards and the care was not always the best for the patients.

As you can imagine, the energy in Malvern Manor is heavy and dark and malicious. David teamed up with paranormal investigator, filmmaker and entertainer Richard Rose. They recorded much activity in the shadowy rooms and hallways of the former institution. In this investigation the team received help as well from psychic Angel Kay who worked via remote viewing, from Springfield, Missouri. Her reading of the situation was accurate and helpful as they gathered information.

Haunting History Linda and I waiting for showtime.

Haunting History That’s Elissa’s hand in the foreground and David Glidden photo bombing behind Mom and Dayan!

I appreciated the fact that David includes science and technology and history in his investigations. He seeks to understand and validate what’s going on, rather than just scare people with creepy footage.

And I appreciate Scott and Nancy, the owners of Route 66 Movie Theater, for hosting a beyond-the-ordinary event that left us all marveling at the mysteries that surround us. The location was perfect for such a screening, as this theater is reported to be haunted as well!

For me, and most of my family members, the paranormal passes for normal. The veil between worlds is very thin for me and I’ve experienced hauntings the tales of which would make you sleep with the lights on. It was good to sit back and watch someone else experience it all and share his findings. David helps me to recognize that the truth is out there, indeed.

I believe…

Haunting History

The Hero of My Own Story

This extremely brief Sunday Short was inspired by two things. A meme on Pinterest caught my imagination. It was made from a series of photos featuring the women of the fantasy fairy tale on TV, Once Upon a Time. These women journeyed together and individually, figuring out who they were in the Story. While they all were in various relationships, those did not define them. What did was the strength they all discovered within themselves, the strength to step into their unique roles and the strength to overcome challenges and thrive.

Secondly, I’ve been doing a 7 Day Book Cover Challenge this week, in which I post a different book each day without explanation or review. The photo of the book tells the story. I’ve chosen books that have created change in my life…and resisted the urge to explain how.

The Hero of My Own Story

And so, in bringing those two ideas together…the Once Upon a Time meme and the book cover challenge…I created my own photo display, using a slight variation of the words on the meme that I was captivated by.

It is presented below, as a creative expression of my journey, without further explanation. I am smiling…

The Hero of My Own Story

The Hero of My Own Story

The Hero of My Own Story

The Hero of My Own Story