Love My Life

I’m in an interesting place in my life. My focus is shifting. I’m moving from where I am to where I want to be and I seem to be at the apex of three converging trails of thought.

Love My Life

A song from The Greatest Showman has been looping through my brain and heart…Come Alive. These are the words that I keep thinking about, and feeling at my core:

When the world becomes a fantasy, And you’re more than you could ever be, Cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open.

And you know you can’t go back again, To the world that you were living in, Cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open.

So, come alive! Come alive, come alive. Go and light your light, Let it burn so bright. Reaching up, To the sky, And it’s open wide, You’re electrified.

I am so ready to light my light and let it burn so bright, which is a poetical way of saying, I’m so ready to live as my truest self, follow my heart and shine as me.

Love My Life

And, I was captured this week by a meme that my Instagram friend Jean posted, in which she wrote:

May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me. Jean Muhlbauer

What a fascinating place to be, in that space between where I was and where I intend to be. That space is undefined, shifting, mystical, magical…and anything is possible there. Thoughts manifest into reality in that space. Inspiration is indeed born there.

As I’ve been thinking about what inspires me, I created a list that I titled Love My Life. Here are the truths about my life that move me, fire me up, and guide my journey, especially in the in between.

Love My Life

Take photos of everything • Write, draw, garden, create • Give hugs • Play everyday • Step WAY out of my comfort zone • Eat healthy foods • Explore the world • Follow curiosity • Connect deeply • Go with the flow • Converse with the Divine • Stay open • Make memories • Spend time with family • Love me • Love others • Get into nature • Say yes • Embrace the magical • Imagine, inspire, improve • Say “I love you” • Be love

Love My Life

When I was in London last year, it amused me when the voice would call out, as the underground Tube arrived, “Mind the gap!” It was a warning to step over the gap, the empty space, between the platform and the Tube car. I can understand and appreciate that advice. There was danger in the gap.

And yet, I feel like I’m living there at this moment…in the gap, in the space in between, and rather than dangerous, it is exhilarating and unknown and inspiring. I’m getting my bearings, and finding my way, by dreaming with my eyes wide open, shining my light, and loving my life, as I move forward one step, one leap at a time. There is no going back.

Love My Life

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