Be a Maker

This was one of those rare days where I actually had an activity planned ahead of time, that was to be the subject of tonight’s blog post. So naturally, it didn’t work out. I am always okay when the day shifts and plans go awry. I see it as the way things were supposed to go, rather than a mess up.

My day was full. I didn’t arrive home until 8:30 pm, and I had no opportunity to attempt another activity. I wrote and published a health blog post and then, at 10:20 pm, turned my attention to this blog and considered what story to share.

Be a Maker

I opted to create a meme to share, using a lovely quote from Morgan Harper Nichols, one that touches the heart and inspires further thought.

Morgan Harper Nichols is an artist, songwriter and singer who creates around people and their stories. Her song Storyteller has garnered more than a million plays on Spotify. And you know what’s really important to Morgan? Story.

I didn’t know who Morgan was, until I began writing this brief post. I just saw the quote a week ago and was moved by her words. I didn’t know, until a few minutes ago, that what Morgan values, and my word for this year are the same…Story. My curiosity about Morgan and her story will lead me to discover more about this interesting young woman.

I love how when I’m searching for the right story to share…even late at night, weary and wanting to go to bed…it flows to me in such a beautiful and magical way. It undoes me, this experience called life. It calls to me, this journey guided by the Divine. It makes me realize how incredible the Story really is…

Be a Maker

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