7 Day Book Cover Challenge

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I so appreciate that this fun opportunity appeared for me late this afternoon, just as I considered what to write about today. Checking in on Facebook, I discovered a tag from my friend Sara, and an invite to participate in a new-to-me challenge.

7 Day Book Cover Challenge

The 7 Day Book Cover Challenge Rules

Called the 7 Day Book Cover Challenge, the rules are simple.

Every day, for seven days, post a photo of a book cover on Facebook or Instagram, without including an explanation or a review. Then tag a friend to play along.

I love to read, and books have played a crucial role in my life from an early age on. At the tender age of five, I learned how to read and the world shifted for me. New places, different time periods, futuristic adventures all invited me in to explore, through the pages of books.

Books continue to be my greatest resource. If I want to know how to do something, I read a book. If I want to deepen my knowledge, I find a book to take me on that journey. And if I want to be entertained, my imagination fires up as I lose myself in a book.

7 Day Book Cover Challenge

Books like Eat, Pray Love, the cover photo Sara posted and tagged me on, shifted my perspective and my life. The fantasy work of JRR Tolkien radically changed the way I viewed myself, even though Lord of the Rings is not classified as a self help book.

I will enjoy mentally and physically sorting through books, and choosing seven that have impacted me.

At the end of the seven days, I’ll share a follow up post and present the seven book covers that I chose. (Curious which covers I chose? You can read the follow up post: 7 Day Book Cover Challenge Completed)

Thanks Sara, for the invitation and the inspiration. Challenge accepted!7 Day Book Cover Challenge Title Meme 2

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