Queen of My Own Kingdom

I woke up this morning, with a question reverberating through my consciousness. I often wake up with a song or a statement or question. These aren’t random thoughts. They are usually in response to a query or a time of pondering. Those magical moments in between sleep and awareness allow the answers to enter, bypassing my logical brain to land near my heart.

Queen of My Own Kingdom

I knew why the question was posed to me.

This year I have been working on new ideas and new plans, with the intention of creating multiple streams of income that I can monitor from anywhere in the world. The ability to work remotely would free me to pursue the life of my dreams…spending time with my family and exploring the world through travel.

I’ve created four interconnected areas, or streams, that are in alignment with what I love: writing the blogs, travel, being healthy at every age and intuitive studies. I have a vision and a heart for these callings, these gifts that I can offer to the world.

I am also sometimes startled when I think about my age and consider these adventures that are calling to me. I am 60 years old. Occasionally, doubt will raise its ugly head and challenge me, whispering that I should be thinking about retirement, not about pursuing my dreams.

In fact, just a couple of days ago, doubt made an appearance. And for a few moments, fear joined in. What am I thinking? I wondered aloud. Maybe I just need to settle down and forget these big ideas. The doubt and fear dissipated quickly but the question had been voiced. What am I thinking?

Queen of My Own Kingdom

This morning my wonderings were met with a question that cut through the chatter about age and doubts. The Divine asked,

Do you want to be the Queen of your own kingdom…or a pawn in someone else’s?

I thought about that question all morning.

I know the answer. I want to be the Queen of my own kingdom, of the empire I create, rather than a pawn in another kingdom.

My answer in no way reflects on the amazing real estate company that I have my license with. Keller Williams is THE best company in the world. Rather my response is a reflection of who I am, and who I am becoming, and the choices I want to make. I will keep my real estate license for a while longer, and continue to assist clients who need my help.

However, there is an adventure awaiting my decision, and suddenly, this afternoon, I was ready to leap to my feet and strongly answer the question from this morning. Yes. Yes! I am ready to create a new kingdom. I am ready to do the work required and learn what I need to learn. I am ready to put on my “crown” and claim ownership of the empire I am creating.

Queen of My Own Kingdom

Queen of My Own Kingdom

I moved into my studio and cleared away junk mail and old office supplies and odds and ends that had accumulated there. I wrote a declaration on my white board and made space for an action plan. I’m working on sticky notes with action steps that I can add to the board. The energy swirling around me was incredible as I shifted into creation mode. I’ll share more details in the weeks ahead.

Lastly, I cleared the top of my tall bookcase and placed my Arwen sword there, as inspiration. Interestingly, I had retrieved the Middle Earth weapon from my closet recently, and rather than return it to the closet shelf, I simply laid it on the floor in my studio with the intention of putting it away later. It was waiting there for me…waiting for me to grasp it and hold it aloft, to battle my doubts, to slay fear, to remind me that my dreams are worth protecting and fighting for…waiting for me to remember who I am.

I am Cindy…the Queen of my own Kingdom…the Creator of Dreams.

Queen of My Own Kingdom

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