7 Day Book Cover Challenge – Completed

Today I completed the 7 Day Book Cover Challenge. This was a fun and easy daily exercise. Take a photo of a favorite book, post it on social media, without comment or a review, and tag a friend to play along. I chose to play on Facebook and Instagram, posting the same book cover photo on each, with different friends tagged.

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

In this follow up post, I’ve listed the books I chose by sharing the photos of the covers. I’m still not going to review the books, although I’ll post briefly why I chose each one.

Day 1

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

This hefty volume contains all three of the books in the Lord of the Rings series. Tolkien’s epic Middle Earth stories have had a huge impact on my life. I found long buried pieces of myself in these tales of heroes’ journeys and redemption.

Day 2

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

I’ve read Michael Singer’s book, about the spiritual journey, many times. His words helped to free my heart from old, old energy that kept it bound. This book also inspired my Year of Going Beyond…which became my year of doing new things every day. My blog still carries the word Beyond as part of the title.

Day 3

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

This book, along with Medical Medium and Thyroid Healing, continues to have a huge impact on my health and well being. Anthony’s books became my roadmap back to a vibrant, pain free, healthy state of being. Thanks to these books, I have my life back.

Day 4

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

Liz Gilbert’s book gave me permission to fully embrace my creative side and enjoy the resulting magic. I had the great privilege of hearing Liz speak in Wichita, Kansas. I purchased this book along with a ticket to her event. I appreciated and benefitted from her words, both in spoken form and within the book.

Day 5

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

I am currently reading this beautiful tale, which is a ghost story, a love story and a historical account as the book weaves together events from the Civil War and the early 2000s. I am also extremely proud of the author, who is my cousin. Holding her book in my hands reminds me that dreams do come true, with persistence and perseverance. I am encouraged, by her example, to pursue my own dreams.

Day 6

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

Liz Gilbert recommended this workbook during her event. That’s all the encouragement I needed to purchase the book. Julia’s writing and life exercises have greatly influenced my inner artist. I enjoyed working through this book, and two others in the series.

Day 7

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

This book, along with her previous one, Carry On Warrior, opened up my heart in such tender and amazing ways. Through her life, and her words, Glennon encourages me to live as my authentic self and keep my heart wide open so love can spill out.

I could have easily chosen a dozen more impactful and life shifting books! This challenge reminded me of the vital role authors and books have played in my life journey and my soul growth. I love the power of books, the power of words.

What books have shaped your life?

7 Day Book Cover Challenge - Completed

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