Seven Wonders

Today’s Sunday Short was inspired by a meme I saw on Instagram recently, by Power of Positivity. It listed the “Seven Wonders of the World”. These weren’t the monuments and structures created by mankind in ancient times. I was captivated by this meme because it listed the true wonders of the world…our abilities to sense and perceive and love while in this realm.

Seven Wonders

My creativity kicked in and I chose to create seven mini memes using each of the wonders with my own photos. The fun was in creating and also in looking through photos and finding the perfect representation of the wonder. The original meme that fueled my inspiration is posted at the end.

The Seven Wonders of the World

Seven Wonders The Grand Canal, Venice, Rome

Seven Wonders The lone piper, in The Highlands, Scotland. Hear the song he played HERE

Seven Wonders Creeping phlox in my backyard garden

Seven Wonders One of my veggie bowls.

Seven Wonders Elissa, Dayan and I with our feet in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Cinque Terre, Italy. We felt the sea wash over our feet and the enormity of our experience, a long awaited trip to Italy, wash through our hearts and souls.

Seven Wonders Dayan and I experiencing a moment of hilarity on the Italy trip.

Seven Wonders The love between these second cousins, London and Aubrey, is profound.

Can you feel the magnificence and the wonderment of these human abilities? How grateful I am to be able to experience these wonders on a daily basis. And how mindful I want to be that they truly are gifts.

Seven Wonders