Hand Me My Sword

Today’s Sunday Short is an ongoing tale about my symbol for next year, the Queen chess piece. Perhaps because I initially resisted the symbol of the queen, with all the connotations that it carries, I am continuing to receive verification daily that this is, indeed, my pictorial representation for 2019. I’m realizing also that the flow of images, memes, quotes and words are each a beautiful invitation to step up and be who I am created to be.

Hand Me My Sword

I love these two quotes that my daughter Elissa sent me last week. Combined together below, they tell a story.

Hand Me My Sword m

Hand Me My Sword

The words make me smile, and they stir something ancient and powerful in my heart. I’ve long identified with the Middle Earth stories created by JRR Tolkien. Arwen, the daughter of Lord Elrond, is a warrior princess. She fights for what she believes in and loves, when she must. This very capable woman owns and uses a sword.

I own a replica of Arwen’s sword. It was gifted to me years ago by my friend Erik. The sword is symbolic to me. I do not need it to fight enemies. Rather it represents protection, authority, strength, discernment, courage and owning my power. In the very real battle that I waged…and won…against fear, that sword gave me the courage to say You cannot defeat me.

I felt compelled recently, before entering into this ongoing conversation with the Divine about queenship, to draw Arwen holding her sword aloft as she protects the Ring Bearer and ultimately her Kingdom. I see now that my heart was being opened and prepared for this next stage of my journey.

I have learned to stand my ground, embrace who I am, and journey well…without the need of a knight in shining armor to rescue me. Traveling companions are always welcome however. Bring your own sense of worth and a courageous heart. And bring your own sword.

Hand Me My Sword

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