Self Portrait

As my day wound down, I turned my attention to tonight’s blog post and considered options. I felt like being creative and expressing myself through sketching. Drawing in my Manga Workbook would be a creative outlet. However, as I gathered pencils, another idea bloomed in my mind…a self portrait…with a twist. The image I intended to capture was so “out there” that I wondered if I had the artistic ability to bring it forth. My muse whispered “Go for it…”

Self Portrait

It’s not unusual to draw or paint a self portrait. Iconic artists from Van Gogh to Georgia O’Keefe created such works of art. And I have the benefit of selfies on my iPhone to look at, rather than having to study my reflection in a mirror.

I felt inspired to draw another piece in what I’ve titled the Becoming Series. These sketches feature my symbol for next year, which has captivated me already.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Using a photo to guide me I quickly sketched an oval for a three quarter view of my face and head and added placement lines for the eyes, nose and mouth. That Manga practice is proving helpful!

My self portrait is more about being symbolic, a representation of an idea, so I kept the drawing simple. Rather than challenging, I found the artistic expression to be fun and relaxing, like coloring.

Self Portrait

Using short pencil strokes I defined the contours of face and neck by creating shadows. Since my “shiny” silver hair is light colored, I did not add much detail there, allowing long simple lines to suggest the flow of hair.

That sketch by itself is a decent self portrait. I could have stopped there and been satisfied with my drawing. However that’s not the image that I was inspired to create. The fun began.

I recently drew a pawn chess piece before a mirror that reflected back the Queen chess piece, which is my symbol for 2019. Take a look at the first piece in the Becoming Series.

Tonight I took that idea a step further. My self portrait captures ME becoming. I am the Queen chess piece. She is me. I am transforming, shifting into this role as I grow.

I enjoyed creating this piece. And the symbolism goes beyond representing an image for the new year. A self portrait portrays how I perceive myself. It highlights a mindset and an expression of heart as equally as it does the features of my face. How I present myself to the world is a reflection of how I see myself.

This work of art is important, because who I am becoming is important, to me more so than to anyone else. Inner work equals outer expression. And that might be the perfect title for this unique self portrait.

Self Portrait

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