Simple Reminder

On full and busy days, I appreciate that I have in place words and images that serve as a simple reminder of who I am and where I am going.

On this Saturday, the first day in a long three day weekend, I spent the majority of my time focused on real estate, clients and contracts. Early this evening I sat alone, locked within a dark and empty office building, talking to another realtor on the phone as I pulled up info online. After the call I needed to email the other agent several documents after we successfully negotiated a contract.

Such routine tasks are common in the life of a realtor. And yet that’s when the magical suddenly intersected the ordinary.

Simple Reminder

I have several google email accounts, also known as gmail. My blogs have email accounts for them, and my real estate emails, documents and correspondence all flow into one created specifically for that purpose.

Gmail requires the use of a password to open up the site. Passwords can be a real challenge for many people, or perhaps I should say remembering passwords can be difficult. Don’t you love the sites that require you to create a password that is at least eight characters long and contains a capital letter, a lower case letter, a number and a symbol?! Sheesh. No wonder we create passwords and then immediately forget them. It’s not surprising that on every site there’s a link that says, Forgot Password?.

Simple Reminder

As I opened up my realtor gmail account, time seemed to slow down for a few seconds. I felt a bit displaced or outside of time. And a still small voice whispered Pay attention here…

Those were Divine nudges or taps on my shoulder. I wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to be paying attention to! I was simply typing in my gmail account name and my password.

My password.

Several years ago, I learned a beautiful little trick about passwords. A man named Mauricio Estrella wrote an article about how his work password changed his life. Going through a painful divorce at the time, he decided that instead of using a random combination of letters, numbers and symbols for the password he would type every day, he would create something that inspired him.

His idea shifted his outlook and his life. His password? forgive@h3r

I won’t reveal what my exact password is, however I will share that the two words tell a story. Neither word is English. One comes from another Earth language and the other is a made up word from another realm.

Every time I type my gmail password, the story I see is this one: Dearest, darling loved one, let’s go!

My business gmail account doesn’t remind me to work hard, or generate success, or sell more houses. No, my password reminds me that I am invited to join an adventure. It is a reminder that there are places to explore, on inner and outer journeys, and countries to visit, and new experiences to savor.

Tonight, as I tapped in my password, I paid attention, and felt my eyes fill with tears. When I created this password I was not yet where I am today. I had only just begun to travel and see the world. I was only just figuring out who I was and what I was capable of.

Years of typing in that simple reminder daily has shifted my own life, at a subconscious level. I am loved. I am invited. I am reminded that I make the choice to accept the invitation. I receive the simple yet profound reminder that I co-create my reality.

Dearest, darling loved one, let’s go!

Yes…yes! What adventure are we off to next?

Simple Reminder