An Apple a Day

Everyone is familiar with the old adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I’ve heard that saying all my life, and yet I’ve never felt inspired to eat more apples, even though I liked the idea of keeping the doctor away.

What if I have looked at that sage advice the wrong way?

An Apple a Day

What if the emphasis should be on eating an apple…at least one…every day, rather than avoiding the doctor? After switching to a plant based lifestyle, I experienced an incredible amount of healing. Becoming pain free and able to walk without a cane was my initial motivation. However, what happened was that my focus shifted to simply eating whole plant based foods, and that allowed my body to do its thing.

A body that is supported and supplied with high energy living foods naturally heals itself. It’s what the body is created to do. A body that is fed poor quality, low energy, processed foods struggles to maintain itself and begins to function poorly and then break down.

As my diet changed, my body healed, eliminating the pain, yes, and also healing from a host of disorders and ailments. It also naturally released excess weight.

An Apple a Day

I’ll be starting another 28 Day Cleanse again soon, where I will focus on consuming raw fruits and vegetables. I like the energy that comes from simplifying my diet, and the detoxing that occurs as my body purges itself from any toxins I’ve picked up. I’ll be inviting people to join me, or at least to follow my journey, if they would like to experience a profound health shift.

However, for those who don’t feel ready for such a dramatic change, this easier challenge is the perfect way to bring more life giving food into the diet.

Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium, issued a 21 Day Apple Challenge this morning, that officially kicks off tomorrow on Instagram. The challenge is simple. Eat at least one apple a day and post a photo on Instagram. The pic could show a bowl of apples, or apple slices with date sauce, or your family picking apples at an orchard.

Each day Anthony will select two posts on Instagram to feature. The creators of those posts will each receive a copy of Anthony’s newest book that releases next month, Liver Rescue.

An Apple a Day

Why an apple for the 21 day challenge? Because that fruit is so vital to liver health that it graces the cover of the book. Apples help to heal liver related diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, SIBO, gout, bloating, weight issues, premature aging, fatigue, autoimmune diseases and many more disorders. I’m looking forward to receiving this new book and focusing on a healthy liver.

In the meantime, what a great way to begin cleansing and nourishing my liver by participating in the 21 Day Apple Challenge. I stocked up on apples today. I enjoyed a sliced apple this afternoon and I look forward to trying new ways to include apples in my diet daily.

Get on Instagram…it’s free to create an account…and follow Medical Medium. All the details about the challenge and winning free books are there. While you are on Instagram, find me as well. I have two accounts…Journey With Healthy Me and Cindy Lauderdale Moore.

Let’s do the challenge together! An apple a day…or two or three…will not only keep the doctor away, it will begin to transform the body.

An Apple a Day

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